Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fast Forward Two Years!

Well, .....I'M BACK!

Never wanted to have to do this but since Harpy and the Boys have gone "ape shit" someone has to.

What the Hell?..............since December 2006 and Kennedy's sell out of the Liberal Party and the subsequent "Conservative/Reform" slow but sure dismantling of what little bit of democracy remained in this country; it seems that the money woes of the country and world have lit up this foul power play called Minority Government (Sublime Dictatorship).

Flaherty and Harpy have effectively exposed themselves in public. Hoping nobody would notice ..or care......they used their first week of Parliament to try and literally destroy all the other political parties and leave the vault open for their shopping pleasure.

ENOUGH!......said the OPPOSITION.........(must've checked their undies before going to work that morning and found they had balls!).

So now it's begun......a small but almost perceivable "glimmer" of hope for the beaten and trodden Canadian Public. An Alliance or Coalition of politicians who are publicly announcing for the first time that they are voted into Parliament to actually WORK for the Public and not to maintain their jobs!

What a concept.............to introduce plans and legislation that may have a positive affect on quality of life here in Canada. Oh, the glowing words, the promise of better things to come, some notion of security in a world run by thieves and greed merchants! What a concept!

Conservative/Reform oriented newspapers screaming their headlines across the country that this is a "Power Play" and "Undemocratic Separatist Ploy to take over Canada"! amongst other utter B.S.

Here are the facts: the lowest turnout in voter history (just over half) gave the Conservative/Reform Party only 35% of their votes and shared the remaining 65% with the other 4 parties. That doesn't mean the Conservative/Reform party got anything close to a majority. It was just a large showing by religious, pro gun, anti abortion, ant-gay, anti pot, pro war, pro seal hunting, anti East Coast Pro West Coast Oil barons and other "Bush-Like" zealots who have weaseled their way into our hallowed halls of Parliament.

To call themselves the "peoples choice" is just one more brazen attempt to cover themselves in the righteous way of "we are good.....you are bad" propaganda.

So it comes down to this: Harpy will dissolve Parliament in order to cling to his job so that he may have time to brainwash and intimidate the Canadian Public for the next few months and perpetuate his legacy of destruction of our country. All at a time when the workers and homeowners need a Parliament that will introduce a safety net for failing businesses, pension plans, social services and all things related to daily life in this country. When all the other countries in the world are moving at blinding speed to fix the wrongs of a "greed decade", Canada is hopelessly "rudderless" in a sea of alligators!

The true Harpy doctrine is about to unfold right in our face and if you think things have gone downhill for the past five years "buckle up Baby", hopefully your life vehicle is equipped with air bags!