Friday, March 11, 2005

My First Rant this is what "communcating" in the 21st century has come to. So much to say and so little time. The world is a pretty mean spirited place these days. News is almost too much to bear. Even good news seems to be exaggerated and regurgiatated "slop". Of course seeing things happen in "real time" instead of weeks later after some editor has had a chance to "sanitize" the subject makes for a surreal onslaught of the senses. Authentic News Reporters are almost as hard to find these days as "true" stories. Just watch CNN for more than five minutes and it's like listening to The Ministry of Propaganda for the current "Greatest Country in the World" Governement. Let alone our own Government mouthpiece the CBC. Carefully selected words describing actions and decisions by our Government that affect our very being. All wrapped up in a slick, well spoken squeaky clean bundle that makes everything all right tonight. Oh to long for the good old days when we didn't know what the hell was happening to us and by the time the reports came out in the daily paper it was probably too late to complain about it anyway. Is it just me or would you not agree that nobody I know now or knew when I was a lot younger ever told me their dreams and hopes for a great future included being a politician! Isn't being a politician a knee jerk decision somewhere along the line after going through law studies where one realized they would never amount to much of anything in their present path and out of sheer desperation "gravitated" to the last resort: becoming a politician?
When was the last time anyone has ever heard an announcement by a politician that some legislation has just been passed that has been beneficial to the masses as a whole?.... Unbelievable. In a country like Canada where our Natural Resources are probably ten times more abundant and valuable than any other country in the world, we as the general public are experiencing lower wages every year, higher taxes every year and no end in sight. At least we are an educated lot, able to "see" through the BS and smoke and mirrors being fed to us on a daily basis by our so called "leaders".
One thing though, if we are that educated and able to see the truth why isn't there a public outcry to be a little gentler to us and listen to our pleas for a little more humanity for our elderly, our youth, our workers, our Moms and Dads, our disabled, our disenfranchised, in other words ........our fellow citizens?


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