Tuesday, March 15, 2005

When CLOWNS Take Control

Holy Shit!.........did I read an article in the paper today that 88 Billion Dollars CAN has been lost to "offshore" investment banks?........

Wow, to think Canada has just figured out that the way to keep investment in OUR country is to maybe make this country "attractive" to investors by lowering it's taxes?

Now there is a new concept. Ireland has become the model country where they have lowered corporate taxes and now are enjoying the greatest economic growth of any country in the world. Not only is every citizen of Ireland enjoying a run-away economy but they have to "plead" for experienced workers from other countries just to make their economey function.

Getting back the CLOWN issue. We are being "managed by CLOWNS! so much Government involvement in our day to day business that we are literally being choked to death by corruption and poor corporate management at the highest levels of Government. Daily news reports of who and where the money managers have hidden, spent and literally squandered millions of taxpayers dollars. Today a report that OUR Government Sponsorship Program paid for a Pizza sign in Italy worth $7,000. Now there's something Canadians can be proud of. First of all literally 90% of us will never be able to afford the airfare to see this sign. Maybe some intrepid photographer can send us a picture of it so we can all "oooo and ahhhh" over it!

How does that buy us "unity"?........The CLOWNS have taken over. Face it fellow citizens, we are at the mercy of a bunch of "ill-willed" sad excuses for leadreship which is rapidly reducing this country to a welfare state.

Here is a simple and fast fix. Privatize most of the large Government Corporations but do not let any of them fall into a "foreign" ownership plan. Only 100% Canadian ownership! Private Corporations that are citizens of Canada will run these massive institutions with only Canadian interests in mind.

Secondly, reduce taxes across the board and I don't mean by 5% or a token reduction. Eliminate the GST to spur purchasing at the consumer level. Reduce Coprporate taxes so that profits can be realized and in turn these profits may be shared by the workers. More money at the end of the week in your paycheque may make you a bit more eager to go to work the following week and produce more!

Wouldn't it be nice to look back on last years Taxable Income and say, "Hey!.......I made more money this year than last!".........what a concept!

As Industry succeeds and produces more goods, more goods are reduced in price and sales increase. When sales increase more profits are realized and businesses now become successful.

Too much Government! Maybe we should just have our leaders involved in just one industry. Tourism! Then they can spend all their time making their own backyard look clean and inviting to both Canadians and Tourists outside our country.

They could even put the odd CLOWN SHOW on and entertain the tourists. That is because all CLOWNS are good for is entertainment, not to control the quality of our life!


At 12:35 PM , Blogger Bia said...

dude, i LOVE it! You totally need a suit wearing a clown wig and face paint to tie that kick-ass piece together! Get right on that shite!

love jess

At 12:55 PM , Anonymous Karen said...

You certainly have got all the facts right. The Clowns are running the world.

At 12:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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