Saturday, March 19, 2005


Just witnessed tidbits of this afternoon's Conservative Convention where they have set out their "mandate" for their upcoming attempt to unseat the Liberals, make inroads into Quebec and "be the voice" for "righteous" Canadians.

Led by an old screaming whithered hag named Elsie Wayne the delegates overwhelmingly voted in favour of denying Gays the "right" to marry. They also made it known to the world that almost half the delegates present were adamantly against allowing women to have dominion over their own bodies on the issue of abortion. The abortion issue of course is the rallying cry behind "Christian Activists" who are so bored with their own life all they want to do is preach their doctrine to all others in this world whether we want to listen or not.

Now isn't that nice! We fellow Canadians have a righteous Political Party who will look after our "Moral Values" when we become too weak to do so for ourselves. Maybe they can attend Church for us also when we sleep in.

So we ARE a lot like the U.S. of A. afterall. Evil pro abortionists and pro gay marriage advocates in the seat of power calling themselves Liberals who of course have their mates in the States who are called the Democrats. And Conservatives/Republicans waiting in the wings to "save" our country from Satan and to wage war on evil.

Of course we all know where that led down South don't we. We've pretty well got a modern "Crusades" going on here. Worldwide terror being waged by "extremist" religious groups and poor unenlightened citizens paying the price for the great "leaders" ideologies.

My Grandfather always said "never to talk politics or religion in public and everything will be O.K." Never knew what he meant by that until I started seeing people debate religion and politics in public. Now it's a bit too late to stop the consequences of debating these two subjects publicly........... Every day a suicide bomber takes out a few or many innocent people in countries all over the planet in the name of God or because of a political disagreement.

A note to the Conservatives: SHUT UP!............... If you want Canadians to vote for you then give us what we need. A plan that will give the Homeless a home. The Jobless a job. A Health Care System to keep us healthy. A Fair Tax Policy and people who are honest who will look after our tax dollars once collected. A pension plan that will allow our elder citizens a quality of life that can be respectfull and fufilling near the end of their days when they are too tired to work for you anymore. Now there's the ticket!

Simple eh? Maybe you Conservative Bible Thumpers should just give up. Quebec doesn't want anything to do with you. We have had enough of you in Ontario. I suppose the West is just too slow and cow punched to know any better but I would suggest the next time you have a convention....don't allow any cameras in so the public can't see what your all about.

Oh, one more thing .........tell that crazy old woman to take a break and go somewhere that won't bother us anymore...........maybe to Church........or even better, an old folks home where she can rant to other "righteous Christians!"

In case you think I'm "PRO-LIBERAL", don't worry.......I haven't even started on them..............They're for next week!


At 10:27 PM , Blogger Bia said...

beauty! loves it! i'm staying tuned in for your rip on the Libs!

At 10:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truly funny... the conservatives would love to "shut up" about social issues, but the media and the liberals keep dragging them out and splashing it all over eveyone's faces. Maybe if the Liberals didn't have the entire nation's media in their back pocket you might actually see some balance to the idiocy that is our government.

But to address the issues, they aren't anti-gay. Gays can be as gay as they want to be. Gays cannot and should not be able to force their lifestyle on anyone, the same as the conservatives shouldn't be able to force their morals and ethics on anyone. Marriage is not about people's rights - it is about people GIVING UP their rights for other's welfare, mostly the children of such a union. The reason gays WANT to be married is so they can get the "benefits" that have been conferred on married couples to give them more resources to RAISE KIDS. But they don't! A gay relationship by virtue of nature cannot reproduce. You can't tell me that all these gay couples getting married really want to have kids. Heck - the lesbian couple that first got married to test the system is already divorced! They had no intention of staying married, they only wanted to prove the point! Nice ethic there!

And as for abortion, I find it repulsive that you would trot out the "dominion over their own bodies" argument in the face of the current reality in Canada - that women can slaughter 9 month old full term babies in their wombs right now, while the woman in the bed next to them delivers a 5 month's gestation preemie to live a long an healthy life. All Conservatives want to do is bring sanity back to Canadian hospitals, and stop the killing of children who if they weren't born into an abortion clinic would live and love and be productive members of society.

But beyond all that, there is one staggeringly significant thing that pro-choicers refuse to deal with. People in this life don't just have RIGHTS - they also have RESPONSIBILITIES. When you reach an age where you can have children, you have a responsibility to yourself and to society regarding that reproductive right. From you comes life. You have a responsibility to provide any such life with the best opportunities possible to succeed and live. If you want to forego that responsibility, then have yourself sterilized. If you don't want to forego that responsibility, then take it seriously. That means, don't have sex with people "because you feel like it". Excercise some self control and think about someone besides yourself. Society is about everyone - if everyone just thinks of themselves, then we have anarchy. If people aren't willing to step up and think about someone other than themselves, then they can and should have their rights restricted so they don't enjoy all the priveleges of fully participating citizens in society.

At 12:42 AM , Blogger TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

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At 10:56 AM , Blogger NoTONoEagles said...

Help Mommy, there are Liberals! underneath my bed!!! (No, seriously, that's the name of the book...) Don't believe me? The dang thing's on Amazon, not some hippie-press bullcrap ;) Anyway, thought you might enjoy, pinko ;)

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