Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stop Screwing Your Citizens!


These words are aimed at our politicians. Five things that they should be doing with their mandates that we handed them during the last elections.

INVEST in our Health Care System by bringing back all the nurses and staff that have been laid off or lost during the Chretien/Harris regime of terror. Nice time to cut back on Health Care, just as over half of our population starts to get ill from too many years of labour and old age. Labouring to pay taxes so all the fat cats in Ottawa and Queens Park can muck into the public trough at will. Before any more money goes out of our country to “help the tsunami victims or other countries helpless, hungry, homeless, disenfranchised or whatever bleeding heart phrase you would want to use, how about giving our own homeless a place to sleep, wash and eat? Over 10,000 in Toronto alone? Of course the public is taking care of those with food banks, sleeping bags and shelters. How genuine of the Government to keep allowing the public to look after one of their first responsibilities. Shame on you! Build more mental hospitals for the mentally unbalanced folks and low cost housing in undeveloped land outside the city core for the poor folks who are just down on their luck.

INVEST in our School and Universities so that our children can afford to achieve an education that fits today’s needs. Allow students who can’t afford a University or College education to apply for aid that is forgivable so that they aren’t bankrupt the day they graduate! By churning out a never ending supply of uneducated youth of course gives the Government a never ending supply of slaves for their wishes and wims to work, if they are lucky at demeaning labour intensive jobs that pay less than people made in the 70’s and 80’s. All the while taxes increasing by 100 fold so the corporate managers and CEO’s of the politically correct corporations can achieve million dollar plus incomes per year while supporting the politicians that prop these losers up.

Of course an uneducated population is very easy to control……beware the educated, they demand the truth!

MANAGE our Natural Resources in a responsible way, which is possibly too late seeing that you have pretty well sold most of it off to outside interests. We have just become the warehouse of supply for our southern neighbour and is evident we can’t do anything about that as we are a weak, ill equipped country with a small population and small minded politicians. Don’t we have huge supplies of fresh water, trees, livestock, minerals and the most important commodity at present……OIL? We actually have the worlds largest oil reserves albeit not the easiest to extract but still available in our Tar Sands. What happens when we ask for a fair price for our lumber, beef or anything else we try to trade at fair market value?.........Bang! a U.S. trade tariff on the item! other words, “if you Canucks don’t give us those products at below your cost price then we will seal off your borders and starve your ass out”…………

Here’s a thought……….why can’t you make these products available to your own citizens at a fair price so we can enjoy the fruits of our own labour. What a concept! lumber to build our homes, really quality beef to eat at a low price so we can enjoy a hearty meal instead of a Hamburger Helper theme. What about shipping some of that refined oil from Alberta to Ontario so we can afford to put gas in our cars and go to work so we can earn more money to pay more taxes so the fat cats can get fatter! Maybe even allow us to go on a holiday without having to mortgage a kidney for the gas price.

PROMOTE Canada to the rest of the world as a place to invest and travel to because we are as yet civilized, clean, underdeveloped and in need of a new “image” not only for ourselves but the world at large. Canadians like nothing better then to see ourselves fail at whatever we do and this attitude begins right at the top and filters down to the masses. “We fail beautifully” and in fact look forward to losing at nearly everything we do so that we can feel like martyrs. This attitude has to change before we can achieve independence and freedom from multi national corporations that use our land as a never ending supply house for raw materials. What’s wrong with Canadians owning Canada? Our hydro, oil, gas and practically every other main raw material is outright owned by a foreign company other than Canadian. Oh, but that smacks of being politically incorrect!.......Now we wouldn’t want to say anything that may offend a foreign country now. Bullshit!........shout loud and clear that this country is ours and we love it and we OWN IT!

REGULATE the actions of people in power both at the Government level and corporate level. Treat these people the same way the private sector regulates employees. If you don’t show up for work, your FIRED. If you don’t work hard enough, your FIRED!. If you don’t do what the job is asking for, your FIRED! If you steal, lie or cheat while on the job you are not only FIRED but possibly put in JAIL! That doesn’t seem to apply to the thieves and cheats in our Government and at the corporate levels of companies aligned with our Government. What is good for the people should be good for the Government. When people lose respect in their leaders the country is in serious trouble. Canadians have to wake up and demand some accountability from the people we have elected or we should all just “Shut Up and go back to sleep and pay the Piper!”

One last message to you 10% that hold 90% of our country’s wealth



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