Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Year.......Same Old Crap?........Vote with NO BALLOT

Here is some advise to our so-called "Leaders" to digest now that the feeding frenzy is in full swing for our votes.
If you want someone to "believe" what your saying and take your "promises" seriously just tell us one thing: "If I break one promise once I get elected I will voluntarily step down and resign my position!"............
Now wouldn't that be refreshing? Imagine a political leader that is actually a human being and what he says actually has some meaning?
But alas, this is "politics" after all and it's a shell game being played on all Canadians. We have actually become so accustomed of being lied to that we are now expecting all the promises that are being made to be broken. We actually just vote the leader into power who tells the biggest lie. Whoever comes up with catchiest whopper gets the nod to be our leader.
Sad isn't it? In a country as wealthy as ours with not only massive natural resources but a wealth of human resources and talent, 9 out of 10 new workers to the job market have to take a part time job to feed and clothe themselves and their families. No job security, no credit at major banks and no chance for future promtion and success.
How many of your close friends or relatives are in this situation?....I know in my little corner of the world the majority of friends and relatives meet these criteria and I don't "live in a trailer down by the river".
The decade of Greed is upon us replacing the previous decade of "Me Me Me"........
One way we can change all of this doom and gloom is to collectively demand some honesty and integrity first of all in our so-called "Leaders" which probably won't happen because most folks are so damn tired after a full day of scratching out a living, they don't have any energy left to fight for anything.
Now we go to ballot box.....our only day in years of being exploited where we can voice our opinion on being used and is what you do:
Make sure you are registered to vote first. Go to the Voting centre and take your ballot into the box but DON"T MARK an X anywhere. Fold your ballot up and have it placed into the will then be registered when counted as a NO VOTE!
"None of the above"....thank you very much!
Now back to the streets for another multi million dollar cost to the people for another set of losers to try and garner your vote...............we could keep this up long enough that the whole country may actually get tired of listening to politicos and their dreamy statements and force our "democracy" to go back to it's honest roots.
Of course this won't happen so that's why we've got a New Year and Same old Crap!
Give yourself a break and ignore the ads, the interviews, the newspaper drivel and just go about your every day routine of being a good slave and make sure you pay your taxes on time so the fat cats at the trough can enjoy their "rewards"..............


At 4:17 PM , Blogger Bia said...

hey unklos,

i just resuccitated my blog and decided to check yours out. Wow, you've been busy dissenting up a storm. GO TEAM!

ANyway, check out my sweet blog. I appreciate my own restraint with the f-word.

Love jess

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