Thursday, April 14, 2005

Note to Government: "Try Working For a Change"

ELECTION?.........Now we are hearing you folks in Ottawa are gearing up for an election! You haven't done anything yet since your last election except investigate thievery, sling mud at each others parties and attempt to manage damage this whole Sponsorship fiasco is causing.

We lowly taxpayer/citizens should be insulted at the very least to allow any more of this behaviour to endure. WE are paying your astronomical salaries with our hard earned dollars and you are doing NOTHING but trying to cover your asses and promote another election fever in this fine country. Not only is this scandal costing us millions to investigate on top of the millions that were stolen, but an election now will cost us another pile of MILLIONS of DOLLARS just to get the same bunch of "twits" back into the public trough of money!

If anyone reading this outside the Government wants to know how "crazy" these politicians really are, try watching 5 minutes of "Question Period" on the CPAC Channel. I know that's probably too much on a full stomach but make sure you have a garbage pail beside the couch while watching in case you feel the urge to throw up!

Screaming at each other in the third person is the leader's and speaker's responsibilty while the "seals" seated beside and behind the screamers bark wildly and shout over the speakers so that nobody knows who or what is being said. All the while four people at the front of the "House" jump up and down all dressed up like something out of a Dicken's Tale.

There is our tax dollars at work folks. Paying someone to "manage" our tax money who has neither the brains or the honesty to even care where each dollar came from. When anyone suggests that we "need" an election to avoid "seperation" by the BQ, the whole country panics and says "do what it takes, only please, please.....don't seperate!" Isn't that scare tactic the one used to justify the theft of millions of dollars in Quebec for the so-called "unity strategey" used by Chretien's group to have a bunch of guys literally "bribed" to keep Quebec in Canada?

Here is an idea: SEPERATE! there's the ticket! If the BQ wants to take Quebec out of Canada, go for it! Call their bluff! Go!....SEPERATE! Remember, not to take anything Canadian with you on the way out the door! Leave all monies, possesions paid for by the rest of Canada and leave. Stay exactly where you are geographically and we will just build the highways around you. Can you imagine the money that we would save if we didn't have to "bribe" the seperatists anymore to keep them quiet? Maybe no more thievery either? Giddyup!........Let's start the ball rolling. Don't start witholding Taxes which of course is illegal anyway but let's all just direct our taxes to the ones who really need them........US!

HIRE or, using the word "they" have substituted for this action....ELECT some politicians who support this brand new idea and have the guts to stand up to the political wing nuts who are trying to hold Canadians hostage by threatening "seperation". Of course finding any politician who is honest and not self serving will be very difficult.

In the meantime finish up the investigation of the parties who stole money from us, go on vacation for 3 or 4 months, don't call an election, maybe just shut up for a few months and keep your sticky little fingers out of our cookie jar and let the country merrily roll along the way it usually does when you "leaders" take off for whatever reason you take off. It's not because your overworked and that's for sure. If any of you had a real day job you'd probably end up in the hospital from fatigue.



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