Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Harper!......don’t even think about it………..

So here we go Canadians!.............the Liberals finally got caught with their hands in the “Cookie Jar”…………or as “we” would call it, our hard earned tax donations to our “needy” Government.

Regardless of how this whole Sponsorship Scandal plays out the Conservatives under the guidance of Stephen Harper really believes that this is the chance their party will raise their ugly heads as our new “spanky clean” Government! Don’t even think about it. You have changed your names, changed your players, changed your ideology but don’t let any of that crap fool you fellow Canadians, they are still a dead party that should never be heard from again.

Remember Brian Mulroney, Stephen?...........he killed you off. We voted you “good old boys” out of Government and pretty well told you guys never to come back. Of course you think we are a bunch of uneducated “mouth breathers” who don’t really know what is good for us so up up and away you go.

If you indeed shut down this minority Government and force Canada to call for another election which of course will cost us “stupid” taxpayers another 40 million dollars plus, we will turn on YOU again and vote you so far out of any semblance of Government that you won’t even have a name the next time we see you.

This does not in any way let the guilty Liberals who are up to their pits in shite off the proverbial “hook”. Martin is dealing with it as best he can short of calling Chretien the head of the whole scam and will no doubt have to eat a lot of “crow” before this is said and done.

Here is what will happen. Blame will be accepted carte blanche by Martin and team, then promise of paying the money back will take place through criminal charges and legislation. Many Liberals will be forced to resign in disgrace as part of the whole cleansing situation. Chretien will never be held responsible as he has perfected avoiding responsibility in anything that even appears negative. Canadians will finally say……….”whoo, I’m glad that’s over because now we can go on vacation and forget about being robbed”………..

So many “crocodile tears”, apologies, confessions and swearing of oaths that this will never happen again will make us all feel really Fuzzy and Warm for a change. What it should do is make us afraid……..”very afraid”………because where there is one theft of public funds there must be many others that will never ever be found out……….”once a thief always a thief”…….should be our rule of thumb here. How many dollars have actually been ripped off over the years?

As for the NDP who don’t even seem to be alive here, they have a great opportunity to sell themselves as THE party of choice right now……..after all why not give them a chance and see how they can screw this country………..after all we have allowed everyone else a stab at it. It would be a very simple “sell” right now Layton………….tell us something like:……..”the NDP will never steal any money from it’s citizens”……….”the NDP will eliminate the GST as a sign of lowering the outrageously high taxes we experience daily”……….”the NDP will invest money into the major cities infrastructures that are crumbling so they can attract more visitors, investment and run more productively”………..”the NDP will provide cheap homes for the unfortunates of this society so that everyone can have a decent “quality of life”………….the NDP will repair our Health Care and Education systems that have been nearly destroyed by Chretien and Harris in their reign of terror………

That was easy eh?...........try that out………….you don’t need to draft out millions of dollars worth of policy papers, books, ads, commercials………….just say the above once to all of us and see what happens………….

Tell us you will be HONEST and live up to that promise.

That’s all we ask!

One last thought, not that it means much but has anyone noticed that 90% of the last names involved in this criminal activity called the Sponsorship Scandal are French? Hmmmm?.......maybe something to think about when and if a new election is called?


At 10:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny that you think that somehow today's conservative party in any way equates with the old PC party.

Number one, the few former PCs left in that party learned their lesson in the thrashing they took that brought Chretien to power. The Liberals have never been taught such a lesson.

Number two, this party is rightly or wrongly, still largely dominated by the old CA/Reformers, who actually have scruples and principles. They stand for small government (which the PCs never did), honesty and integrity, and governmental accountability (which the PCs never did). They want to FIX government, so no party can mismanage it. Problem is, there are too many people at the government trough to allow anyone to actually fix what is wrong with the system.

I can't believe you are advocating the NDP to have a kick at governing this nation. See, had you been from the west (and you clearly aren't, from your equation of Harris with anything but provincial politics). Heck, you even suggested that the most socialist, tax-and-spend political party ever created in Canada would actually consider repealing the GST? That is the most truly laughable idea I have read in a LONG time! You were right about all their spending priorities, but they dare not actually propose a tax cut because they know that would open up such a massive defecit with their spending plans that they would destroy the nation.

Open your mind. Admit your fear - that anyone not from Ontario might actually get in charge and your precious part of the country might for once get treated like it is a part of a nation instead of the center of the universe.

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