Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Conservative Majority?........Canada WAKE UP!

What Dark Hell is This?

I think I awoke today with headlines in several newspapers that the Tories were on the verge of a "Majority" next week after the rat screwing is all said and done?.......am I in Canada or worse, some dark reaches of hell?..............if true.......what the hell are you "fellow" Canadians thinking or worse......not thinking?........

Harris was bad enough for Ontario.....dismantling our social fabric and literally taking us back to the ugly 50's. Don't you remember?.........closing mental facilities so that the poor unfortunates of Toronto were unleashed to the streets to starve and die?..........take a walk downtown and try not to step on the homeless sleeping in the gutters....try and not watch the feeding lines in the shelters as they run out of food.......tighten up your ear muffs so you can't hear the gunshots killing your children on Yonge Street during a Boxing Day Shopping Spree...........after getting diagnosed with a terminal disease try and get into a health care facility before the tumours outgrow your body...........take home less money in every paycheque than you made in the 70's and 80's.........try and keep your apartment going after being "Downsized" at the company you've given your blood and soul for in the last three years..........try and get a full time job after nearly five years of post education all the while enjoying "The University Experience" that is only in your mind and movies...........end up owing 40 to 60 thousand dollars which is payable on graduatuon even though you don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of...........BRUTAL!

What the hell is wrong with you people?
........oh yeah........"I want a change".......that's the ticket!..........a change in what....something far more worse that we already have?........The Liberals were caught with their hand in the cookie jar and steps have been taken to at least answer for that.........but oh no.....let's give Harper a chance to get his little clams into the jar and clean it out completely all the time selling the rest of the country off to his American Buddy Dubya!...........

If this really happens and the country is handed over to this meglomaniac then there is one alternative.......do like the kids did in the 60's.........when they found the governing generation too corrupt and too powerful to fight anymore they DROPPED OUT....TUNED IN and started a new culture of free love, free thinking and overall anti authority with a moral grounding that the so called leaders had to cultivate and attempt to adapt in order to garner their favour once more.............and we wonder why the present day youth don't give a damn about politics...........run by old decrepit men who are only thinking of their "dynasty" and legacy for their immediate families.

One final thing..............If Harper gets the majority next week..........Shame on You Canada!........SHAME ON YOU!...........You will get what you deserve........a massive beating by another heartless regime just like we had with HARRIS!

Good Luck Canada.....your going to need it!................

I'm outa here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 12:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's getting too late for the Liberals to effectively try to use the "Hidden Agenda" scare tactic as they did last time. Reasons outlined here:

Hidden Agenda A Non-Factor

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