Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Your Pushing Your Luck .........Harpy!

I've not commented on Harper's performance since he took office as "our" new Prime Minister until now as I needed to get an overview of how this whole "Minority" was going to act.

As I mentioned previously Harpy would use the lack of Liberal Leadership to ram through legislation and edicts which could be unpopular with honest Canadians. I'm not disappointed. He is going above and beyond my expectations. As I assumed Harpy would do, he flew off to Texas to get a primer from Dubya about how to proceed with his Evangelical Agenda in bringing God into a "Godless" Democracy. Here is probably a gist of what went on in Crawford Texas.................................Dubya to Harpy: "First, do what I did Harpy".........Stop all live Press interviews with the media and then nobody can question you and put you on the spot for answers that aren't there. "Ignorance is Bliss Harpy"
"Look what I did.....create a new TV show to just report your agenda where nobody can question you and you can issue day after day huge doses of gut wrenching putrid propaganda to the Masses (Unwashed/Unclean).......I call it "FoxNews"." "Now I can do anything I want and nobody can ask me WHY?"

So here we are: In the midst of an oil catastrophe because of high prices and low supply due to some warlike involvement in the oil producing countries of the world and of course now our Alberta oilfields are the "cat's ass" for the US glut of that precious black gold. The USA is looking at Canada like we are their first cousins and who is offering up an open invitation to the good old US to "Come and Get It"!

Hmmm........when you crunch the numbers the total production of the oilsands supplies about 11 percent of the US demand for oil and IF it was actually shipped East and West instead of South would probably supply ALL of Canada's needs for gasoline without dependence on the U.S for our supply. But that would be too easy. Why would OUR Government look after Canadians first?. I think that's what they are in power to do actually but somehwhere along the way, selling off our sovereignty to foreign interests became the "norm" and not the exception.

We look good as being "subserviant" don't we?........after all isn't the Canadian Way to be the Underdog? We thrive on being Second Fiddle.

Today just might be the straw that breaks the proverbial Camel's back! Take our Natural Resources., Undermine our Health Care, Day Care, price Higher Education out of sight, and on and on but DON'T DENY our access to our Boys who have given their lives in the name of Democarcy and fighting Terror in a far off sand-beaten land that was originally a peace keeping mission that has turned to WAR!

This is an INSULT to every Canadian to deny TV cameras to photograph the return of our Boys arriving in coffins at Air Force Base Trenton! WE mourn our Boys in our own way and we need to see the arrival as it just this freedom that was won by the lives of our fathers and grandfathers in past wars!

You don't understand Canadians Harpy! You are so wrapped up with your twisted views of the Free World and so influenced by extreme political and religious views that you can's ee the real Canada and what makes us what we are.

You are NOT "our" leader and do not speak for the majority of Canadians who didn't vote for you. Your time is limited and you WILL BE replaced, sooner, I hope than later.

Lower the Flag on Parliament Hill in respect for our Boys, let the Freedom of The Press do their job at Trenton and leave God out of your day to day affairs in Ottawa. When you say "God Bless Canada" in your final statements on the hill just shows all of Canada what a "loose cannon" you really are. This isn't Dubbya's U.S. of A. so leave the religious rhetoric out of "our" affairs. Save it for Crawford Texas after supper on the ranch.

And a word to the OPPOSITION!.........where the hell are you?...............what are you guys and gals doing?..........not a peep from you!........we voted in a Minority Government so that we would have a check on a rogue party that would tear this country apart. You have done nothing to stop this madman and we need you now before the country is permanently damaged and reduce to just a filling station for huge SUV's and pick up trucks. Earn your money you gouge out of the Ottawa trough and do something!


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At 5:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought all you enviroloonies would like the idea of high oil prices, that reduces consumption, doesn't it?
Or does the need to blame anything and eveything on the right take over control of your brain?
Facts are just soooooooooo inconvenient. That's why we get the ' Here is probably a gist of what went on in Crawford...'.
But don't worry, a new poll today showed that 29% of Canadians would still vote for corruption, so you'll eventually get another chance to fuck up the country some more.

At 6:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How exactly is Harper tearing this country apart? Will banning the Tamil Tigers tear us apart? Stopping our money from going to Hamas, will that tear us apart?
Ending the softwood lumber dispute, in which the US had some strong points, though you would never hear about that on the CBC, will that tear us apart? Keeping troops in Afganistan where they will prevent the Taliban from killing gays, abusing women, preventing girls from getting an education, and exporting terrorism, will that tear this country apart?
Going back to the tradition of not lowering the flag, a 'tradition', that Chretien only started to make the US look bad, will that tear this country apart? Will actually acting like grown ups when we deal with the US, instead of insulting them like petulant teenagers and indulging in a bit of made in Canada hate mongering for political gain, will that tear this country apart? How about having elections every four years so the PM can't play political games, will that tear us apart? Allowing Canadians to elect senators instead of having a bunch of political patronage apointments, will that tear us apart?
If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, then I will be quite happy if the country is torn apart.

Next, shitcan the CBC propaganda machine. They openly admit that they deliberately influence the elections in this country, (check with Larry Zolf), so it's time for them to be scrapped, or better yet, sold to Fox News. If all these things scare you so much, move to France, it's a nice socialist paradise, of course your car will most likely get burned, you won't be able to get a job, and if you are a woman, you might get in on a "tournante", or 'take your turn', which means getting gang raped by muslim immigrants.
Didn't see that on the CBC? What a suprise.

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