Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Harper's Agenda

Conservative's Minority To cost More than the Liberals Scandal:

First thing Harper will do will be to establish committees to look into past performances of the Liberals in order to try and discredit their arch rivals to an even more greater extent than the Gomery Inquiry.

This will give the Conservatives more ammunition to use when another election is called within the next 18 months. Of course this will cost taxpayers even more money than is being squandered on "retention of power" and not the implimentation of social programs to improve our general quality of life.

Once they establish these committees and start the legal weasels on their path then they will start a spending spree probably remeniscent of the Deifenbaker years. Remember him?.........spent more money in his reign of terror than all other governments collectively since Confederation.......we still experience the deficit he placed upon us..............

With this minority he won't get away with reversing the same sex legislation or abolishment of Womens' Rights or the abolishment of day care as he wishes to do but his eye is "still on the prize"......a majority within 2 years so he can run rough shod over our Civil Liberties and Human Rights.

Did anyone see Mike Harris last night hanging around the Harper crowd when it arrived in Ottawa.......has anyone noticed that several of Harris's buddies will probably make up cabinet appointments in the new Government?...........have you read that Mulroney's personal adviser is now Harper's personal assistant?..........didn't we get rid of Harris and Mulroney the way one would want to get rid of a bad rash? Oh, and did you hear Klein last night say he didn't know Harper at all but he was sure he would do a good job for the West and the rest of Canada?...........that's pretty hard to believe that Klein doesn't know anything about Harper seeing his whole political life hinges on who's who in Ottawa............

So fellow Canadians, don't go to sleep here and let this guy have his way with your tax the papers, listen to your Liberal MP's and if you don't feel "connected" with this new Government, which you probably won't unless you live out West, contact your Liberal MP and demand that the light of day shines on this new "leader" and his crew..............Harris, Mulroney, Klein............summon up visions of a lot of pain and anguish for us poor working taxpayers..........

One happy camper is Dubya and his Right Wingnut Conservatives who were actually downright "giddy" yesterday when they heard the news from their "neighbour" to the North that an alike minded creature was now in charge of Canada's Natural Resources and Human Resources along with their Armed Forces and Treasury. Oh, the potential........oilfields, timber, water, army, not to mention a lap dog that would only ask for more of a beating after enduring the first one, which should happen sooner than later.

All of the above just a bunch of hogwash?............fear?.........ramblings of an old fool..............

I sure hope so!


At 2:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you having fun dreaming up scary stories aobut Harper?
Why not just look at all the liberal corruption if you want to scare yourself silly?
Are you a silly young lefty or a silly old fool?
Grow up.

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