Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two Questions on The Middle East Conflict that need Answers!

Answer this:
"If Hizbollah is such a major force for good with Lebanese poor citizens, supplying education, hospilization and food in every day life, where the hell are they now that "their" Brothers and Sisters" are running homeless and injured in the streets of Lebanon?

No where to be seen.......... at least from any news casts I have seen. Their only acts throughout this whole nightmare is to launch rockets into Israel trying to kill Israel citizens! So much for their humanity!

Answer this:
"UN Observers" were killed yesterday by an attack from Israeli forces even though the UN had asked many times that Israel try not to hit this outpost!.........Why the hell were these observers there to start with?..........why wouldn't the UN pull these poor bastards out of a war zone where they can come under fire?.........

The UN is absolutely useless in this war and should not have our young men sitting in a tower "observing" anything. What the hell were their purpose there?........CNN is observing, BBC is observing, Reuters is observing.......leave it up to the professional observers to report on the actions here.

Kofi Anan is a great spokesman for the UN in times of peace and love but he has shown absolutely no leadership when it comes to this new outbreak of hatred and terror that is one step away from the Third World War!

There I've said it:....World War 111............"if we don't learn from the past mistakes then we are doomed to repeat them in the future"............obviously the Second World War is not "fresh" in the minds of the 21st century children.............

Here is a simple thing that would stop any future war:

"Everyone should have their own address"


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