Thursday, July 06, 2006

Harpy has a Sit Down with Cheney!

How did he make it through supper with old Dick without upchucking the whole meal while listening to snarling and hissing from across the table?............
Just watching old Dick try and make it through another hateful day on this planet is tough enough let alone having to suck up to the guy during a meal.

But I have to give Harpy credit for being as morally and socially bankrupt as old Dicky and Bushy when it comes to power mongering and dictating to the unwashed and unclean underlings or as we would like to be called "Citizens".

Harpy goes to the table with the disputed softwood lumber deal in hand and says "forget about that one BILLION Dollars " that you owe us and just sign here!.........Thanks a lot Bushy for making me look like a world leader......not that one billion dollars wouldn't help a lot of homeless poor disabled people back in Canada but "screw them".........they don't contribute one drop of sweat in toil so they should just suffer the consequences. After all Bushy, One Billion Dollars will keep the "good old war in Iraq" rolling along for another month without tapping the coffers.

Oh, and did ya hear the one where old Ralphy "Clowny" Klein tells Cheney that "it might be worth a few votes if you came to Alberta to see our beautiful oil sands that are up for sale to the USA!........Buy them and you could be guaranteed another term to protect your investments in "rebuilding" Iraq!"

Way to go "Clowny" sell the whole damn country off and don't worry about the future for our children as you won't be around when they are wondering where all our "Natural Resources" went.

For all those who think I am a dyed in the wool Liberal........think again...............I don't have much good to say about any politician at this point in time.........there isn't one person at present involved in Politics in Canada that even smacks of being a caring, educated and socially involved Human Being!

This Country has become a a "subtle dictatorship" which are not my words but those of one of our great literary geniuses. No truer words were written and now have become reality.

When the common man has no voice in what is happening to him on a day to day basis and life is becoming more difficult socially, monetarily and spiritually due to the actions of people in power then the country becomes a DICTATORSHIP!......simple eh?

Have a nice day out for desert!


At 2:10 PM , Blogger Sir Stevalot said...

Well. the truth of the matter is that we are america's bitch. and that is because 80% of our trade is with america. case and point. Chretien may have talked tough but he still went golfing and still sucked bill's dick.
if you want to separate from canada, come to quebec where i live and vote for La Belle Province

At 5:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almost puked when I saw those two shaking hands in the paper...Any friend of Bush's is an enemy of mine

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