Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Canada’s Productivity Rated Poorly.........Here’s a Simple Fix

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has stated today that Canada rates 17th in the world for “PRODUCTIVITY” in the work place and is falling way behind in the world markets. It lists some very important reasons why this is happening, one being the huge amount of taxes that Canadians have to pay just to “exist” in this country. One figure bounced around is 46% of homeowners income goes to taxes before any money stays in their pockets.

We all realize that we have been “ripped off” for many, many years by our various levels of Government and hear the same old, same old reasoning: great Healthcare, Old Age Pensions, Unemployment safety net, blah blah, blah.................all the while “our’ great leaders continue to fly all over the world in business class to attend meetings in hotter climates during our winter freeze. In addition to spending huge amounts of OUR tax dollars on unneeded office space, renovation after renovation on their Ottawa brick piles and appointments of unnecessary uneducated friends to positions of power just to guarantee a never ending supply of money from the Public Teat!.

I would suggest the first thing The Chamber should look at is revising the Labour Laws of this country so they are more in line with the 1970’s state of employment, as I remember it.

FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT is the KEY here. This is a good starting point. New jobs on the market presently break down as follows: ONLY ONE in TEN JOBS AVAILABLE at PRESENT are FULL TIME! Stop the part-time, contract hiring as it has devolved. When a person works 40+ plus hours a week then that job should be considered a FULL TIME Position!

Only people who are full time employees “feel” like they are part of the company and will work harder to make “their” workplace more profitable. People have to “feel” needed and important before they will give of themselves so that the company is productive and profitable.

How can anyone expect an employee to work their ass off for a non guaranteed basic paycheque that does not include benefits and security. Let alone all the other benefits of full time employment such as pension plans, profit sharing and other incentives to drag the best effort from their “Human Resource”? IF they come down with a cold or worse, a serious illness, they lose pay and have to suffer huge amounts of personal income loss.

That’s where productivity starts. MOTIVATION! Quit saying this country is “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” by bragging to foreign interests that our country offers opportunities to outside interests with low paid part-time workers who will not expect to paid high wages and will take a beating without fighting back. Just a new description of an old practice: ...........SLAVERY!

Harris did this in Ontario. This Province is Open for Business! YIKES!..........when I heard that I knew immediately that everything that was sacred for years and years as far as an employees safety net was concerned was GONE!......back to the good old sweat shop days........Industrial Revolution? the books.......get educated....................

Now Harper is using the same phrase only at the National level...........and it has all the earmarks of Harris in the mix. Why would Harris and Mulroney be shown in the newspapers last week advising Harper on future policy decisions?.....

Let’s all hope that an election is called quickly so that we can get this group of maniacs out of office and get back on track to a better future rather than NO FUTURE for our fellow working Canadians.

Of course who will replace this group of Megalomaniacs...................I sincerely hope someone who sees things as I do. Unfortunately nobody has revealed themselves as being that "enlightened" and in this day of self interest and greed I don’t expect anyone to rise beyond the lip of the trough.

Productivity starts with Full Time Employment.....everything else is just icing on the cake!


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