Friday, November 24, 2006

Harper and Flaherty........You’ve Got to be Kidding! .......“Pay Down The Debt?”

You announced yesterday that you intend to use the Tax Payers Surplus Money that we all contributed to “your” coffers” to pay down the Government Debt!.......

Which one?............Our “Debt” is some $500 BILLION and more if I am reading the right news stories. Of course you would probably say they are all “cooked up’. You would have to spend every tax dollar received for the next 100 years to pay that off.....

Or is it the so-called “Net Debt” which was explained in the National Newspaper this morning. Totally different set of numbers. Maybe you should tell the Canadian People exactly what your referring to. Quit the Doublespeak!

So here is the exact truth as I see it. All the tax money which your Government has stashed away from payments from us, which we assume were to be used to deliver services and safety nets for all us lowly citizens in case illness, lack of work, disasters, natural or otherwise, help with education and infrastructure maintenance not to mention improving Canada and development of new facilities to create new jobs and recreational areas. All that will be replaced by “PAYMENT OF THE DEBT”!

“Well, wrap that one up and put that under our Christmas Tree”!!!!!!!1

Are all you people on the Hill smoking something that shouldn’t be, or are you just naturally a bunch of “heartless, cold blooded Reptiles”?............

Maybe the names of Manning and Harris being used lately in Headlines of our papers and reports from these two aimed at Harper suggesting what should be done at the Prime Minister level should have warned us. What are these “toothless” thrown out ex-politicians doing?............

What influence are they having on decisions from the MINORITY GOVERNMENT who is acting like they have a majority?

You have no right whatsoever to touch that surplus tax money without our approval on how it should be spent. In other words quit “stealing” money form our pay cheques to further your own destructive careers!...........We work too damn hard to have people like you fritter away our hard earned dollars just so you can look good to the World Bank, the Bank of Canada or any other nasty rich uncaring “greed corporation”.

Get your hands off our money and keep them off. We will deal with you and all your “ex-Harris” appointees shortly in the form of a massive beating at the ballot box.

Try this to get votes. Bring back our Health Care like it used to be with no wait times and an “adequate” supply of Doctors and Nurses. Redefine our Labour Laws and start to bring back safety nets for workers such as a FULLTIME JOB with BENEFITS. Now there’s a concept!

Increase spending on low rental housing as we have a huge pile of people who can’t earn enough money to live anywhere......YES..........this is Canada and believe it or not the working poor can’t afford to pay for a decent place to live. Oh and as I may have mentioned before....don’t just reduce the GST 1 percent a year.........drop it altogether all at once just like that old guy who used to be our PM lied to us about many years ago.

The above may not be complete but it’s a damn good start. Instead of making promises that make no sense at least to us “unwashed and unclean” masses, start telling us something that will help us and not drive us even further under the standard of living we used to enjoy and is fast becoming just a distant memory!


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