Friday, March 03, 2006

HOLY HELL!......What's This Canada?


Am I hallucinating or did I read this in the headlines of todays paper? the Supreme Court finds it "politically correct" to allow students to carry "knives" on their person to school and I might mention, as long as they remain "concealed" !
In other words, a minority religious group may arm themselves as long as they don't use the weapon! Canada .....Have some BALLS! I know we are a tolerant nation and offer haven to all peoples regardless of colour, faith or dress but this has gone a bit far don't you think?
Now I am going to be called a "racist"..............NOT!................the division between Church/State is what makes this country so great, to be able to speak your native tongue, practice your own beliefs and feel like this is your true home is what Canada is all about. Always has been. We are all immigrants here with the exception of the Native Canadians who were almost wiped out by "us" in our "immigration to the New World".........

What's next?.....lets go down to room 420 and "smoke some Gange" in respect for our Rasta Faith, and all you gals go down to room 103 for a lesson on "female circumcision" or as some unbelievers in Canada call it, "female mutilation" which is an age old practice of religious joy in the coming of age of young black females!

The "almost" adoption of the Shariah Law was scary enough, and cooler heads did finally prevail but I'm afraid that push to bring into law a very foreign oppressive practice may not be over yet.

Maybe these examples of what I'm trying to say here are a bit "out there" but maybe you can see where I'm going here. Practicing your faith and beliefs are great long as you do them in the privacy of your home and closest family and friends gathering........don't shove your beliefs and religious nuances down our throats in a public forum such as a Public School!

I say to the Supreme Court.......ask every single Canadian what they might want before making drastic decisions that change the very fabric of Canadian Society! I believe you will find a very large majority of Canadians would not support this foolish judgement. I would not hesitate to guess at least 80% plus would not agree with what you just did.

Now, what is going on at the Federal level of Government since the Harpy got voted in as a minority?.......names such as Clements, Flaherty have cropped up in powerful portfolios that will have a direct affect on every Canadian life in this grand country. As I mentioned before on a previous post didn't we trash these guys several years ago when we threw Harris to the streets along with his gang? the hell did they end up in an even more powerful role im governing?..........Thank your new Prime Minister for this one.........he is surrounding himself with some of the worse politcians in recent memory for what purpose?...........could it be they "know" how to manipulate the parliament regardless of all the safeguards built in over the years that may "protect" the taxpayers. Obviously their past performance should reveal a bit of what may happen in the relatively near future. The opposition parties that WILL bring this present minority crashing to the ground hasn't organized itself well enough yet to lead a non confidence motion and until they get their act together Harper has some of the most vicious people jamming his policies straight down the taxpayers throats before anything can be done to stop them. As promised, Day Care is gone which bodes really well for the working poor of this country.........."sorry dear, we have to sell our house because I can't go to work anymore and carry the mortgage as the kids will have no where to go..........but here......deposit this cheque old Harpy gave us so we can cover one last mortgage payment"............NICE!

One last rant!.........what was that yesterday when I read that the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan HAD TO remove our flag from their barracks, trucks, armaments and any other visible place over there by order of a U.S. Commander!
What the hell was that?..............ooohhhh....."we don't want to insult the Afghanis as we are only over here to help them and lead them down the path of freedom and democracy" (enough of that crap!)...............HELLO?.............we are over there to kill Taliban fighters!.......we are over there to rebuild schools and make sure the gals get a chance to be treated like human beings after being treated like chattel under 8th century "mouth breathers"..........all the while keeping each other from being blown up FFS!..........we are not there to act like diplomats and politicians who don't have the balls to come out of their bunkers in Ottawa unless it's a free trip to Torino or the Bahamas to spread democracy on the beach.

C'mon........we NEED our flag flying over us just to identify to the locals where it is safe to run to in case there are mortar attacks or roadside bombs...........we need to identify our soldiers as CANADIANS so that we are not mistaken for American soldiers..........they seem to be targets for some reason.....(ol' Bushy and the quail hunter?........)...........Canadians need our flag to KNOW why they are there, what the are dying for, to just make them feel they are still part of this great country. By removing our flag we "water down" our identity even more than what is happening today, as I explain above.

C'mon Canada....Get Some Balls!