Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Seal Hunt in Canada-Money Justifies Cruelty

To all you "poor" Newfs that need money at all costs just to live should all just go somewhere else to make a buck and leave the harmless Baby Seals alone.

How about Ft. McMurray where ya'll can make an honest dollar without killing anything except your liver.

Your excuses why you are killing these babies may have fooled us back then, when there was no edgycation other than convents and monestaries for anyone who wanted to "learn" about the real world. But "Hey Beys" we've come a long way since those heady days of Nuns and Priests beating our bare asses with switches and leather straps.

We have actually learned that the reason there is no Cod is because Human Beings have gorged the shit out of the Cod Stocks and have left none for you local lads.

Why don't you go over to Norway and flog the shit out those fishermen who cleaned out the Banks with their huge trollers that are now drydocked because there ain't no more fish left!

Beat a few Norwegians to death may make you feel better but then I never heard of a Norwegian making a good fur coat.

The real story here Boys is that you make money off these murders and that's the bottom line..........

For two weeks of blood soaking sweaty killing you can make enough money to sit on your fat arses for a couple of months and drink yourself into a forgetfull sleep, all the while calling people like me "nosey bastards" that should keep their mouths shut as we don't understand what it is like to live where you do and what it takes to make a living.

I don't give tinkers damn what the story is in Labrador and Newfoundland, you all live on the same planet as we do and to play stupid at this point in time just smacks of ignorance and "Dark Ages" rhetoric.

If you want to stop the shortage of Cod then your going to have to kill "Humans" not seals. Don't have the "stones" for that eh Boys?...... It's easier to pound the skull in with a big hardwood stick.........after all they don't feel a thing.........try it on yourselves first and see how it feels Boys.

I heard a bit ago that you wanted to recede from Canada. Maybe that might be a good idea as I feel really shamed to live in this country while your part of it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

To Pull The Plug or Not!

I wasn’t going to write about this because I don’t believe it’s anyone’s business but the young girl, her Doctor and her immediate Family’s but after being bombarded day and night on TV, in the papers, on the radio someone has to say something:

When people need an example of mass hysteria, just tune in to CNN anytime day or night right now and you will see a litany of bottom feeding reporters helping this hysteria along quite nicely.

You religious "do-gooders" who are standing around all night with your mouths taped shut and candles dripping down your hands holding up misspelled signs,……….. go to work!!!!!!!!!

What are you protesting? If you "do-gooders" are so righteous take your signs, your candles and this Sunday take your collection plates and buy tickets to Dafur to protest the millions, not just one, but millions of deaths. Of course some Jamjahweed asshole won’t let you stand around for more than a minute as he will have a gun or a machete so far up your ass you will wish you were back on the farm eyeballing your favourite goat.

Just to make sure this stupidity is really in full swing even your Great Leader of the Greatest Country in The World has jumped on the bandwagon. With eyes hoisted to the heavens he states in his God Fearing voice that he must “err” on the side of “life”. What about the 100,000 or so “Eerackys” that have been KILLED so that Democracy can blossom over there in that Middle East place?

"Thou Shalt Not Kill"…………have you forgotten about that little commandment lately?.......isn’t that part of the religious oath all you midnight protesters take every day of your life just to make sure your on God’s side?


Leave this poor girl alone, go back to your little sad lives and pray for yourselves. You need all the prayers you can get right now. Try getting your own miserable life in order before dictating what’s right and wrong to others. Pathetic.

Here’s a suggestion, pray for Mikey Jackson, he could be your leader. He’s about as crazy as a shithouse rat also.

The rest of the world is looking at you and shaking their collective head because unfortunately you have the capability of taking the rest of the world down the toilet with you.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Ten Steps to being a Successful Politician

The very first question here should be WHY would you or anyone for that matter want to be a politician?

The answers of course are as varied as the individuals who “man their posts” in our Provincial and Federal fortresses of righteousness.

One hint on who might aspire to this lofty career shows up pretty clearly in our early school days. The geek who is carrying a brief case instead of a binder down the halls between classes and who has a dandruff problem that leaves a trail behind him is usually a prime candidate for a political career in later life. He is used to being beaten up while having to “hang” with the “filthy masses” so when he gets a chance to join a club that hides behind great stone walls and has at least two police forces their for their protection, then who wouldn’t want to be there? Plus he gets a chance to “get even” for all the early beatings, by legislating and taxing those filthy minions literally to death over their complete lifetime.

Now, here are the various steps on becoming a politician. Follow these closely and never waver no matter how many sleepless nights you experience. It will all be worth in the long run. You might even have your portrait painted and hung in some drafty stone dark corridor someday where kids from school go for tours and ask the guide “who is that stupid old man there in the painting?”……the guide of course doesn’t know but just says “ he was responsible for many great things”……..just to shut the kids up.

Step One: Rip your soul out of your body and hand it over immediately either to Satan or the first politician you meet who is “hooked up”. Whichever shows up first will do. You won’t need that puppy anymore.

Step Two: Make sure you have a strong stomach at this point because your going to have to kiss a few asses for the next year or two. Specially your leader’s. It will all be worth it as the lower you go in stature in front of your leader, the closer to the front benches you will sit when and if legislature is ever convened. Look behind you at the back benchers who aren’t quite willing to kiss away …yet!

Step Three: After the appropriate groveling and kiss ass period is behind you then you might get invited to sit on your first committee! Now your going to start making a shitload of money by having access to the public trough and at the same time you will be able to start getting even with those filthy masses that beat you when you were a knob in school.

Step Four: You are now becoming a seasoned professional liar and thief but nobody can call you those names because anyone in Parliament is above the Law of the Land, that law is only for the filthy masses to follow. After all you have thousands of police at your disposal to enforce your decisions and “crazy as a shithouse rat” thoughts and dreams.

Step Five: You've been at this a while now and it comes time to ask the filthy masses for another four years because this is the only time in four years you have to even talk to them. Out will magically come the “Talk to the Filthy Masses Election Kit”. Everything you will ever have to say to these peons. Things you never even heard of is contained in there and all you have to do is follow the bouncing ball of political bullshit contained therein. Voila! Another four years of trough dipping and beating these people are in the works!

Step Six: No matter how many sleepless nights you seem to experience it is all worth it. You are now beginning to “look” like your fellow politicians. Balding prematurely, sagging jowls and large rolls of fat flowing over your Gucci Belt. Yikes, and your only 33 years old! One has to pay for their transgressions somewhere don’t they? A little ugliness is a small price to pay for a lifetime of public funding.

Step Seven: You now disappear from the radar of publicity and start traveling to various countries in the fully equipped Government jet at the expense of those Filthy Masses because now you can really start spending tax money without those damn local reporters snooping into your personal space all the time! While you visit various dictatorships and other evil leaders you make under the table deals that are never publicly reported back home and ensure that your political cronies always have a “safe house” to go when things get a little “testy” back home.

Step Eight: You’ve done so well over the years now that you don’t even have to go back to the Filthy Masses anymore for a seat in Parliament. You are now the “go to guy” for the younger “sheep” coming up the ladder to the trough. Your on your way now to an early death from cirrhosis or heart trouble or just plain old miserable “ageing”……….

Step Nine: Now that your well on in life, you only get called on from time to time to make a public appearance and that is usually at what they call a “Party” or “Convention” just to spout the party line and scream at the young ones there who “think” they can bring some semblance of honesty and morals back into the fold. Good Luck with all that you young bastards! You’d be so honest you would be poor! That ain’t goin’ ta happen!!

Step Ten: You think at this point that you are a special person and just to prove it you start writing books about your life and all the great things you have done. Nobody buys it and you keep rambling on about what is right and wrong with the world until you finally gag on your own slop and then drift off into a deep sleep aided by drugs and alcohol……….the state funeral is waiting …..the sound of a thousand voices pleading for relief of taxes and shorter work weeks tries to keep you from slumbering and……..and………..then that one voice comes crystal clear through the haze…………”Welcome Home to Hell!”

“I’ve been waiting for you!”

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Just witnessed tidbits of this afternoon's Conservative Convention where they have set out their "mandate" for their upcoming attempt to unseat the Liberals, make inroads into Quebec and "be the voice" for "righteous" Canadians.

Led by an old screaming whithered hag named Elsie Wayne the delegates overwhelmingly voted in favour of denying Gays the "right" to marry. They also made it known to the world that almost half the delegates present were adamantly against allowing women to have dominion over their own bodies on the issue of abortion. The abortion issue of course is the rallying cry behind "Christian Activists" who are so bored with their own life all they want to do is preach their doctrine to all others in this world whether we want to listen or not.

Now isn't that nice! We fellow Canadians have a righteous Political Party who will look after our "Moral Values" when we become too weak to do so for ourselves. Maybe they can attend Church for us also when we sleep in.

So we ARE a lot like the U.S. of A. afterall. Evil pro abortionists and pro gay marriage advocates in the seat of power calling themselves Liberals who of course have their mates in the States who are called the Democrats. And Conservatives/Republicans waiting in the wings to "save" our country from Satan and to wage war on evil.

Of course we all know where that led down South don't we. We've pretty well got a modern "Crusades" going on here. Worldwide terror being waged by "extremist" religious groups and poor unenlightened citizens paying the price for the great "leaders" ideologies.

My Grandfather always said "never to talk politics or religion in public and everything will be O.K." Never knew what he meant by that until I started seeing people debate religion and politics in public. Now it's a bit too late to stop the consequences of debating these two subjects publicly........... Every day a suicide bomber takes out a few or many innocent people in countries all over the planet in the name of God or because of a political disagreement.

A note to the Conservatives: SHUT UP!............... If you want Canadians to vote for you then give us what we need. A plan that will give the Homeless a home. The Jobless a job. A Health Care System to keep us healthy. A Fair Tax Policy and people who are honest who will look after our tax dollars once collected. A pension plan that will allow our elder citizens a quality of life that can be respectfull and fufilling near the end of their days when they are too tired to work for you anymore. Now there's the ticket!

Simple eh? Maybe you Conservative Bible Thumpers should just give up. Quebec doesn't want anything to do with you. We have had enough of you in Ontario. I suppose the West is just too slow and cow punched to know any better but I would suggest the next time you have a convention....don't allow any cameras in so the public can't see what your all about.

Oh, one more thing .........tell that crazy old woman to take a break and go somewhere that won't bother us anymore...........maybe to Church........or even better, an old folks home where she can rant to other "righteous Christians!"

In case you think I'm "PRO-LIBERAL", don't worry.......I haven't even started on them..............They're for next week!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

CANADA......Do We Tolerate Too Much?

The "Air India decision" yesterday to free two suspects in the bombing of Air India has brought to the forefront of our awareness here in Canada a nauseating realization that we are such a tolerant country that we are actually allowing hatred and violence against humanity to go on without any consequences.

Regardless who is at fault here, be it CSIS, the courts, even our own RCMP, we as a nation of the "Free World" are complicite in allowing "outsiders" to take refuge in our fair land, use our schools, health care, our economy and all other services we take for granted to continue their hatred and aggression towards others usually from their previous "homeland".

Centuries of religious, caste system, tribal hatred and dictatorships have rendered some of these new arrivals almost incapable of leaving those feelings behind and starting a new life in our peaceful country.

The Immigration policy of Canada has always been one of open arms and open wallets when it comes to taking care of the less fortunate of the world. We also attract professional and learned people who seek a land where they can practice their crafts and contribute in a free society.

To those who do not share this vison of living in harmony with fellow Canadians and contributing their energy to making this country even a better place for all of us READ THIS!


When I see one of the suspects of the Air India bombing being filmed in New York City over 20 years ago screaming at a rally stating that he vowed to "Kill 50,000 Hindus", then this man should never have been allowed to cross back into our country.

We Canadians do not want to kill anyone. We are all immigrants here in Canada from one time or another and are here for one reason: to live peacefully in harmony with our fellow immigrants and contribute all our goodness to make this country even greater.

That IS what Canada IS! Not a haven for hatred, terrorism, vendettas or retribution! If the reason you are here is to generate enough money and support to wreak havoc on others then pack your bags and go back to land you hate and deal with it over there. We don't want terrorists, hatemongers or criminals in this land of ours.

Our Immigration Department should reflect those values before we go much further down a very slippery slope. If we don't we have a really big neighbour to our South that will.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

When CLOWNS Take Control

Holy Shit!.........did I read an article in the paper today that 88 Billion Dollars CAN has been lost to "offshore" investment banks?........

Wow, to think Canada has just figured out that the way to keep investment in OUR country is to maybe make this country "attractive" to investors by lowering it's taxes?

Now there is a new concept. Ireland has become the model country where they have lowered corporate taxes and now are enjoying the greatest economic growth of any country in the world. Not only is every citizen of Ireland enjoying a run-away economy but they have to "plead" for experienced workers from other countries just to make their economey function.

Getting back the CLOWN issue. We are being "managed by CLOWNS! so much Government involvement in our day to day business that we are literally being choked to death by corruption and poor corporate management at the highest levels of Government. Daily news reports of who and where the money managers have hidden, spent and literally squandered millions of taxpayers dollars. Today a report that OUR Government Sponsorship Program paid for a Pizza sign in Italy worth $7,000. Now there's something Canadians can be proud of. First of all literally 90% of us will never be able to afford the airfare to see this sign. Maybe some intrepid photographer can send us a picture of it so we can all "oooo and ahhhh" over it!

How does that buy us "unity"?........The CLOWNS have taken over. Face it fellow citizens, we are at the mercy of a bunch of "ill-willed" sad excuses for leadreship which is rapidly reducing this country to a welfare state.

Here is a simple and fast fix. Privatize most of the large Government Corporations but do not let any of them fall into a "foreign" ownership plan. Only 100% Canadian ownership! Private Corporations that are citizens of Canada will run these massive institutions with only Canadian interests in mind.

Secondly, reduce taxes across the board and I don't mean by 5% or a token reduction. Eliminate the GST to spur purchasing at the consumer level. Reduce Coprporate taxes so that profits can be realized and in turn these profits may be shared by the workers. More money at the end of the week in your paycheque may make you a bit more eager to go to work the following week and produce more!

Wouldn't it be nice to look back on last years Taxable Income and say, "Hey!.......I made more money this year than last!".........what a concept!

As Industry succeeds and produces more goods, more goods are reduced in price and sales increase. When sales increase more profits are realized and businesses now become successful.

Too much Government! Maybe we should just have our leaders involved in just one industry. Tourism! Then they can spend all their time making their own backyard look clean and inviting to both Canadians and Tourists outside our country.

They could even put the odd CLOWN SHOW on and entertain the tourists. That is because all CLOWNS are good for is entertainment, not to control the quality of our life!

Monday, March 14, 2005

JETSGO Downfall Highlights Canada's Tax Grab

A nightmare weekend for all the hard working Canadians who have looked forward to a "holiday". 17000 people left to their own devices to get airborne and try and enjoy a much needed break form this brutal Canadian winter and our brutal Canadian Government.

Bad enough to have your dreams almost dashed let alone the misery that awaits you when you look for some "fair play" here on refunds of the actual booked fare.

Immediately on hearing of this closure, MasterCard and Visa told their customers that they would be getting a full refund on the charges related to the bookings. Also TICO, our Ontario travel insurance agency announced a full refund on the flight booked through travel agencies.

What is not clear or maybe is too clear is that our Federal Government will not refund, I repeat: WILL NOT, refund any taxes that were paid to them. This makes up at least half of the price of an airline ticket. Airport rental fees, Fuel Tax, Goods and Service Tax and on and on.........

Our Minister of Transportation was on TV spouting his "no involvemnet" in Jetsgo's demise because they are a private comapny.............. Yada Yada........"no taxpayers money will be used to bail this company out....." and on and on.............

What he meant was that the poor Canadian suckers who bought tickets for a Jetsgo flight can forget about getting any taxes back from the Government.

Don't even think this is wrong even though the tax or Goods and Services was charged even though there were no Goods and Services rendered. Fuel Taxes were charged even though no fuel was burnt. Airport Taxes were charged just for the priviledge to be able to stand in lines for the opportunity to hear you were being screwed and you had better like it!

It's quite alright for the Government Reps to fly anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat in private jets at our expense with no haslles, red carpet treatment and empty seats around them while all the while the poor hard working folks who support these troughers get screwed over when they just worked for at least 52 weeks and scrimped and saved their pennies for a few days in a climate that may make everything facing them for the next 52 weeks all "worthwhile".

Hopefully when all these folks get back from their "vaction" they will have enough fortitude to launch a public outcry and demand that the Government "come good" for what amounts to yet another "Tax Grab" by our venerable "leaders".

Blame Jetsgo for whatever you want but dig deeper and you might find there is more to it's downfall than poor management. Jetsgo's idea to provide an affordable alternative to Airline Travel for the working poor was admirable even though probably doomed from the outset. After all, why would a small upstart company be allowed to challenge the status quo of the major airlines operating as a monopoly in our gracious country. How dare working class people demand a fair shake and cheap seats to travel when only the rich and priviledged few of this country "should" be able to enjoy air travel?

Shame on you workers!.........the next time you want to go south.............hitch hike!

Friday, March 11, 2005

My First Rant

.............so this is what "communcating" in the 21st century has come to. So much to say and so little time. The world is a pretty mean spirited place these days. News is almost too much to bear. Even good news seems to be exaggerated and regurgiatated "slop". Of course seeing things happen in "real time" instead of weeks later after some editor has had a chance to "sanitize" the subject makes for a surreal onslaught of the senses. Authentic News Reporters are almost as hard to find these days as "true" stories. Just watch CNN for more than five minutes and it's like listening to The Ministry of Propaganda for the current "Greatest Country in the World" Governement. Let alone our own Government mouthpiece the CBC. Carefully selected words describing actions and decisions by our Government that affect our very being. All wrapped up in a slick, well spoken squeaky clean bundle that makes everything all right tonight. Oh to long for the good old days when we didn't know what the hell was happening to us and by the time the reports came out in the daily paper it was probably too late to complain about it anyway. Is it just me or would you not agree that nobody I know now or knew when I was a lot younger ever told me their dreams and hopes for a great future included being a politician! Isn't being a politician a knee jerk decision somewhere along the line after going through law studies where one realized they would never amount to much of anything in their present path and out of sheer desperation "gravitated" to the last resort: becoming a politician?
When was the last time anyone has ever heard an announcement by a politician that some legislation has just been passed that has been beneficial to the masses as a whole?.... Unbelievable. In a country like Canada where our Natural Resources are probably ten times more abundant and valuable than any other country in the world, we as the general public are experiencing lower wages every year, higher taxes every year and no end in sight. At least we are an educated lot, able to "see" through the BS and smoke and mirrors being fed to us on a daily basis by our so called "leaders".
One thing though, if we are that educated and able to see the truth why isn't there a public outcry to be a little gentler to us and listen to our pleas for a little more humanity for our elderly, our youth, our workers, our Moms and Dads, our disabled, our disenfranchised, in other words ........our fellow citizens?