Monday, December 04, 2006

DION WINS!..........Canada Loses!

First off, I speak for so many others in this country who feel the same way as I do.............."What the Hell Happened Saturday?"..............You so-called Liberal Political Junkies who pay to attend these exercises in picking a new leader should hang your collective heads this morning now that you all realize what you have done to this great country Canada.
Thanks! have basically set us up for a reign of terror by the Harpy Government which will be written up in history books as one of the darkest times in Canada.
Dion is not the sharp, politically intelligent well spoken leader needed to throw those right wingers out of power.
I would check Kennedy's bank accounts and see if there are any payments in there from the Tories. He essentially turned traitor and handed Harpy the next election.
I give up. I will never live long enough to see any "enlightenment" in this country regarding our political process. It has reached a new low and there isn't much further it can plummet. Where are the Canadian People here?........I know they agree that this country is very quickly sliding down a slippery slope of indifference and apathy which allows a "sublime dictatorship" to exist.
I am outta here! Totally without any specter of hope or enthusiasm for the future of this land. Good Luck deserve what will happen next!
I suggest everyone who is "smart" enough to see the future to stock up on gas, food and material possessions to carry you through the hard times ahead.........your going to need them!