Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Canada’s Productivity Rated Poorly.........Here’s a Simple Fix

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has stated today that Canada rates 17th in the world for “PRODUCTIVITY” in the work place and is falling way behind in the world markets. It lists some very important reasons why this is happening, one being the huge amount of taxes that Canadians have to pay just to “exist” in this country. One figure bounced around is 46% of homeowners income goes to taxes before any money stays in their pockets.

We all realize that we have been “ripped off” for many, many years by our various levels of Government and hear the same old, same old reasoning: great Healthcare, Old Age Pensions, Unemployment safety net, blah blah, blah.................all the while “our’ great leaders continue to fly all over the world in business class to attend meetings in hotter climates during our winter freeze. In addition to spending huge amounts of OUR tax dollars on unneeded office space, renovation after renovation on their Ottawa brick piles and appointments of unnecessary uneducated friends to positions of power just to guarantee a never ending supply of money from the Public Teat!.

I would suggest the first thing The Chamber should look at is revising the Labour Laws of this country so they are more in line with the 1970’s state of employment, as I remember it.

FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT is the KEY here. This is a good starting point. New jobs on the market presently break down as follows: ONLY ONE in TEN JOBS AVAILABLE at PRESENT are FULL TIME! Stop the part-time, contract hiring as it has devolved. When a person works 40+ plus hours a week then that job should be considered a FULL TIME Position!

Only people who are full time employees “feel” like they are part of the company and will work harder to make “their” workplace more profitable. People have to “feel” needed and important before they will give of themselves so that the company is productive and profitable.

How can anyone expect an employee to work their ass off for a non guaranteed basic paycheque that does not include benefits and security. Let alone all the other benefits of full time employment such as pension plans, profit sharing and other incentives to drag the best effort from their “Human Resource”? IF they come down with a cold or worse, a serious illness, they lose pay and have to suffer huge amounts of personal income loss.

That’s where productivity starts. MOTIVATION! Quit saying this country is “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” by bragging to foreign interests that our country offers opportunities to outside interests with low paid part-time workers who will not expect to paid high wages and will take a beating without fighting back. Just a new description of an old practice: ...........SLAVERY!

Harris did this in Ontario. This Province is Open for Business! YIKES!..........when I heard that I knew immediately that everything that was sacred for years and years as far as an employees safety net was concerned was GONE!......back to the good old sweat shop days........Industrial Revolution? the books.......get educated....................

Now Harper is using the same phrase only at the National level...........and it has all the earmarks of Harris in the mix. Why would Harris and Mulroney be shown in the newspapers last week advising Harper on future policy decisions?.....

Let’s all hope that an election is called quickly so that we can get this group of maniacs out of office and get back on track to a better future rather than NO FUTURE for our fellow working Canadians.

Of course who will replace this group of Megalomaniacs...................I sincerely hope someone who sees things as I do. Unfortunately nobody has revealed themselves as being that "enlightened" and in this day of self interest and greed I don’t expect anyone to rise beyond the lip of the trough.

Productivity starts with Full Time Employment.....everything else is just icing on the cake!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Harper and Flaherty........You’ve Got to be Kidding! .......“Pay Down The Debt?”

You announced yesterday that you intend to use the Tax Payers Surplus Money that we all contributed to “your” coffers” to pay down the Government Debt!.......

Which one?............Our “Debt” is some $500 BILLION and more if I am reading the right news stories. Of course you would probably say they are all “cooked up’. You would have to spend every tax dollar received for the next 100 years to pay that off.....

Or is it the so-called “Net Debt” which was explained in the National Newspaper this morning. Totally different set of numbers. Maybe you should tell the Canadian People exactly what your referring to. Quit the Doublespeak!

So here is the exact truth as I see it. All the tax money which your Government has stashed away from payments from us, which we assume were to be used to deliver services and safety nets for all us lowly citizens in case illness, lack of work, disasters, natural or otherwise, help with education and infrastructure maintenance not to mention improving Canada and development of new facilities to create new jobs and recreational areas. All that will be replaced by “PAYMENT OF THE DEBT”!

“Well, wrap that one up and put that under our Christmas Tree”!!!!!!!1

Are all you people on the Hill smoking something that shouldn’t be, or are you just naturally a bunch of “heartless, cold blooded Reptiles”?............

Maybe the names of Manning and Harris being used lately in Headlines of our papers and reports from these two aimed at Harper suggesting what should be done at the Prime Minister level should have warned us. What are these “toothless” thrown out ex-politicians doing?............

What influence are they having on decisions from the MINORITY GOVERNMENT who is acting like they have a majority?

You have no right whatsoever to touch that surplus tax money without our approval on how it should be spent. In other words quit “stealing” money form our pay cheques to further your own destructive careers!...........We work too damn hard to have people like you fritter away our hard earned dollars just so you can look good to the World Bank, the Bank of Canada or any other nasty rich uncaring “greed corporation”.

Get your hands off our money and keep them off. We will deal with you and all your “ex-Harris” appointees shortly in the form of a massive beating at the ballot box.

Try this to get votes. Bring back our Health Care like it used to be with no wait times and an “adequate” supply of Doctors and Nurses. Redefine our Labour Laws and start to bring back safety nets for workers such as a FULLTIME JOB with BENEFITS. Now there’s a concept!

Increase spending on low rental housing as we have a huge pile of people who can’t earn enough money to live anywhere......YES..........this is Canada and believe it or not the working poor can’t afford to pay for a decent place to live. Oh and as I may have mentioned before....don’t just reduce the GST 1 percent a year.........drop it altogether all at once just like that old guy who used to be our PM lied to us about many years ago.

The above may not be complete but it’s a damn good start. Instead of making promises that make no sense at least to us “unwashed and unclean” masses, start telling us something that will help us and not drive us even further under the standard of living we used to enjoy and is fast becoming just a distant memory!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Nato and U.N. Missions Have to Change!

It’s 2006 and the world is still stuck in the 8th Century when it comes to conflicts.

With respect to Canada’s involvement in these conflicts on behalf of the U.N. and Nato we originally were called “Peacekeepers”………..then this escalated to “Peacemakers” and at present we now are “At War” with “terrorists in Afghanistan. Nice jump from compassion to outright “hunt them down and kill them”.

Not to say the ones we are “hunting down and killing” don’t deserve it but I believe it’s time we saw the “Bigger Picture” here and redeploy our troops with a new and more important mandate for all the suffering people in the world today.

Our new “buzzword” or “catchy phrase” that would describe our boys and girls would be “PROTECTORS”

Take for instance that “sh%thole” Dafur! …….Hundreds of thousands of women and children being slaughtered by a bunch of “hopped up” youths riding around in jeeps and camels with AK47’s slung over their shoulders and machetes hacking the poor buggers to death while they try and hide in their tents with their arms tightly wrapped around their babies and children, of course after they are raped and beaten. And here is the U.N. pleading with the leaders of Sudan to come in and help these poor bastards all the while trying not to insult the leaders and their fellow politicos using U.N. protocols as excuses why they can’t just march in and bring an end to these poor people’s plight.

Here is one answer…….I would leave it to the professionals to work out the logistics but I would maintain that this approach would be less costly in lives for our young lads and ladies of uniform and would morally appeal to anyone with one ounce of humanity in their body.

1. Create a “Safe Zone” either on the border of the country that has to be dealt with or in the adjoining country if they would make space available. Set up Hospitals, Cafeterias, Schools, Sleeping Quarters and ring the Zone with a state of the art alarm system along with a very heavy UN/NATO Force capable of protecting hundreds of thousands of women, children and any other non threatening elder.

2. When a genocide has been recognized and condemned by every world body such as the case in Dafur, then the UN/NATO could send in as many troops as is necessary to accomplish the first step as stated above and once that is accomplished they would proceed to the heart of the conflict and escort forcefully every single vulnerable person to that safety zone.......after all, when bullies are confronted with any type of dangerous situation they usually crap their pants and hide until it’s safe to resume the beatings of the defenseless.

3. Now comes the “fun” part. Secure the escape routes that the remaining young fighters may try and use and let them “Have at Er!" other words let them kill each other off and just one last point here.........if one side is mismatched with not enough weapons then the UN/NATO troops would arm the side who is lacking so that both sides are equally capable of killing each other right off!

4. Obviously all our efforts recently in “Bringing Freedom” to the World hasn’t worked and is actually creating another “Crusades” mentality. A bit “dated” isn’t it?............So let these arsholes kill. maim, torture and literally wipe each other out and only when the shooting stops, mainly because everyone is dead or sick of it, only then can all the lovingly safe, well fed, schooled and healthy people be re-integrated back to their homes or what’s left of them........and imagine with no one to continuously rape and torture and kill them .....imagine how happy they would be?.........

This plan can work in any hotbed of violence. Such as Iraq. Escort all those who are non violent, peaceful and well educated to a safe zone....say into the North, and then let them “Have At ‘Er!”.....hopefully all the suicide bombers will do their jobs well and take all the other insurgents with them.

Give up establishing a Democracy in these regions.............allow the natural evolvement of freedom to blossom once the antagonists have killed each other off and see how much better the world would be without these losers!

The U.N. and NATO was formed 60 years ago to address World War. It was grandiose idea who’s time has come to be renewed with a new direction to accommodate the “enlightenment of the New Millennium”..........of course that is why the radical religious and Dictators of this world is trying to turn our world upside down and take it back to the 8th century. Idealism and the realization that everyone on this planet “should be equal” threatens the very power of religious and political leaders and they in turn incite the masses to hateful deeds and in the end a prolongation of their existence as dictators, power mongers with very Evil intent.

By creating a “Protectionist Force” instead of a “Peacemaking Force” the armed services would be doing the job they were originally formed to protect the weak and innocent of this world and at the same time allowing the arsholes to kill each other off!..............

Now wouldn’t that be NICE!