Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two Questions on The Middle East Conflict that need Answers!

Answer this:
"If Hizbollah is such a major force for good with Lebanese poor citizens, supplying education, hospilization and food in every day life, where the hell are they now that "their" Brothers and Sisters" are running homeless and injured in the streets of Lebanon?

No where to be seen.......... at least from any news casts I have seen. Their only acts throughout this whole nightmare is to launch rockets into Israel trying to kill Israel citizens! So much for their humanity!

Answer this:
"UN Observers" were killed yesterday by an attack from Israeli forces even though the UN had asked many times that Israel try not to hit this outpost!.........Why the hell were these observers there to start with?..........why wouldn't the UN pull these poor bastards out of a war zone where they can come under fire?.........

The UN is absolutely useless in this war and should not have our young men sitting in a tower "observing" anything. What the hell were their purpose there?........CNN is observing, BBC is observing, Reuters is observing.......leave it up to the professional observers to report on the actions here.

Kofi Anan is a great spokesman for the UN in times of peace and love but he has shown absolutely no leadership when it comes to this new outbreak of hatred and terror that is one step away from the Third World War!

There I've said it:....World War 111............"if we don't learn from the past mistakes then we are doomed to repeat them in the future"............obviously the Second World War is not "fresh" in the minds of the 21st century children.............

Here is a simple thing that would stop any future war:

"Everyone should have their own address"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Garth Turner Tells it Like it Is?

Like it IS as in what the Neo Cons believe in...........Thank You so much for finally showing your true hand Garth!

So this is what we get?.........a so-called responsible, sensitive Government that says they are above reproach, honest and open, doing what is good for one and all!............

Crap! The first statement by an MP since the Mid East crisis and he wants to redefine what it is to be a Canadian!

Garthy says that maybe we should have a debate in Parliament to redifine who gets to the front of the line and who gets what is left over when it comes to emergency aid in the event of a Canadian getting stranded in a war torn or catastrophy while out of the country!

Screw up and drag your arse in the face of a real crisis....get blamed for stupidity and letting fellow Canadians down when they need help and instead of getting on with the job at hand, here is a quick fix:

Redefine the rules of engagement.

Declassify who is a true Canadian and who isn't even though these folks are Canadians with a full Citizenship and hold valid passports.

By declassifying these people and making them somewhat less than a True Canadian then the Government only has to be accountable for a much smaller number of evacuees.

Help only those born in Canada and living full time in Canada that have gone on a short "holiday" to land that resembles Hell now.

That's the ticket! the Government is free and clear of criticism and responsibilty for the debacle called "Foreign Aid" or lack of.........

Sounds like an old Govrnment that Ontario enjoyed at the hands of Mikey Harris!..........if the glove doesn't fit, cut off the hand.

Sorry Garthy, we are only a bit too educated now and aware of what you crazy right wingers are up to..............but THANKS for coming right out with it and showing us exactly what your all about.

We WILL remember this in the ballot will YOU!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Shame on you Harpy and McKay!

Having a Canadian Passport used to mean that you were a "special" Citizen of the World. Protected by Canada no matter where you were in the world, under any circumstances. Prized by many many countries and admired as an example of a true free and caring Government.

That was then...........this is now..............

40,000 Canadians are stranded in Lebanon waiting for help from their Government. As I watch Britain, the USA, France and other countries loading their citizens on ships and helicopters with coverage from CNN, BBC, CBC and other news agencies I wait and listen for news from a Canadina official announcing what is being done for our fellow Canadian Brothers and Sisters!

Ohhh!....what was that?...........ohhh.......a small clip from Peter McKay stating that Canada had "chartered" 6 ships and would start locating them off the coast of Lebanon by Wednesday!.................This is Monday..........7 Canadians died last night but what the He''.............7 out of 40,000 isn't such a bad an addendum Foreign Affairs in Ottawa also added that people would only be evacuated IF it was safe to do so................what the hell does that mean?...............we don't have any war ships to protect these vessels, we don't have any helicopters geared to protect these vessels, we don't have any military presence to protect these vessels so what the hell is going on?.

Not hard to see how this is going to play out..............more Canadian deaths, very very slow rescue and the poor bastards are basically aboandoned by the "powers to be in Ottawa" due to the total inability to function as a Governing Body..........Harpy and friends are just in power to put forth their agenda which is a neo conservative alignment with Bushy and company............not to act like responsible givernment and protecters of our citizens........

Don't travel out of country, Canada. Your passport is virtually usueless when you are put in a perilous situation out of country. Read the first statement on your passport and see if any of it means anything used to............

Hope your proud should hang your head in shame for leaving our fellow citizens to twist in the wind while you pork it up beside Bushy and Boys over in Russia. Useless is one word that comes to mind but many other words are on the tip of my tongue and if written here I'm sure I would be locked up!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The World Has Gone Quite Mad!

Here is rather Naive and Simple idea that may reverse the hateful madness that has taken grip on a Planet Wide basis !

This is addressed to so-called "Democratic" countries like U.S.A., Canada, Israel, Britain, Australia along with many European Countries who are posting troops and citizens in Middle East Countries.

BRING THEM HOME! there's the ticket!.........get out of these hotbeds of hatred and religious extremists!

By bringing everyone back home the costs of keeping these groups posted overseas would be negated and the monies involved in training troops, building infrastructures and maintaining a supply line to feed the war machines could be spent at HOME on security to secure our borders from hateful, cowardly maniacs and would help all our HOMELANDS return OUR way of life to a healthy progressive and "enlightened state" that we all hoped would have developed in the 21 st century.

Stupid eh?.......Naive eh?......Isolation?............Yepper!.......that's what I'm saying................

Just for a while....maybe a year or two............maybe just enough time to let these countries kill themselves off!........sure..........Dictatorships would flourish, human rights would be non existent, hateful corrupt leaders would be in Nirvana but at least WE might stand a chance of looking after our own people and live freely with the best education in the world and basically let the damned be Damned!

They could turn their hatred inward and concentrate on killing themselves instead of reaching into the "free world" for retribution as they would be so busy wallowing in their own hateful corrupt regimes they wouldn't have to export their terror any further than their own borders.

This experiment in Globalized Democracy is not welcome anywhere in the world outside our borders so why keep trying?................It was a "noble attempt" folks but it is very evident that these nations such as Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon just to name a few don't want US anywhere near them let alone living with them!............the hatred has been going on for over 2000 years and won't be ending anytime soon.

Tighten up our borders to keep bad people out. Become self sufficient with the Natural Resources we have and appoint leaders that care more for their own citizens than power and money like we have now...

Simple but probably the only answer left before this whole planet breaks down completely and the Big Third World War is reality............

Either that or "stick your heads between your legs and kiss your ass GOODBYE!"

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Harpy has a Sit Down with Cheney!

How did he make it through supper with old Dick without upchucking the whole meal while listening to snarling and hissing from across the table?............
Just watching old Dick try and make it through another hateful day on this planet is tough enough let alone having to suck up to the guy during a meal.

But I have to give Harpy credit for being as morally and socially bankrupt as old Dicky and Bushy when it comes to power mongering and dictating to the unwashed and unclean underlings or as we would like to be called "Citizens".

Harpy goes to the table with the disputed softwood lumber deal in hand and says "forget about that one BILLION Dollars " that you owe us and just sign here!.........Thanks a lot Bushy for making me look like a world leader......not that one billion dollars wouldn't help a lot of homeless poor disabled people back in Canada but "screw them".........they don't contribute one drop of sweat in toil so they should just suffer the consequences. After all Bushy, One Billion Dollars will keep the "good old war in Iraq" rolling along for another month without tapping the coffers.

Oh, and did ya hear the one where old Ralphy "Clowny" Klein tells Cheney that "it might be worth a few votes if you came to Alberta to see our beautiful oil sands that are up for sale to the USA!........Buy them and you could be guaranteed another term to protect your investments in "rebuilding" Iraq!"

Way to go "Clowny" sell the whole damn country off and don't worry about the future for our children as you won't be around when they are wondering where all our "Natural Resources" went.

For all those who think I am a dyed in the wool Liberal........think again...............I don't have much good to say about any politician at this point in time.........there isn't one person at present involved in Politics in Canada that even smacks of being a caring, educated and socially involved Human Being!

This Country has become a a "subtle dictatorship" which are not my words but those of one of our great literary geniuses. No truer words were written and now have become reality.

When the common man has no voice in what is happening to him on a day to day basis and life is becoming more difficult socially, monetarily and spiritually due to the actions of people in power then the country becomes a DICTATORSHIP!......simple eh?

Have a nice day out for desert!