Friday, April 22, 2005

Harper......Can You Smell It?......Taste It?"

I watched the "Leaders" of our Great Country last night on the special last night and held my supper down against all odds.
Martin pleeding with the people to be patient and wait until Gomery had finished his investigation.
THEN came Harper. Yikes!. He can almost smell and taste the money that could be available to him in the public trough IF he could only get elected! Calling the Liberals down to the lowest, dragging an "election selection of crap and words fit for a dumpster" out of the file cabinet which are used by all politicians at every election and mean absolutely nothing.
A little over eager aren't you Stephen?
We voted in a minority Liberal Government just months ago all the while "knowing" about a scandal and expecting that a minority Government would function quite well Thank You Very Much. Yet Harper has the nerve and audacity to try and make out the Canadian People should be outraged and thoroughly disgusted with a crooked Government that is now in power. Doesn't that prove one thing?. That we would rather elect a Government that is tainted than even give Harper and his cronies a chance to run this country? Too bad Gomery wasn't at work during Mulroney's reign of patronage. Of course, "that was the old and this is the new".......NOT!
As I have said before: Go ahead and call an election and see how badly we beat you this time!
You'll be lucky to get a parking space near Parliament Hill let alone a seat inside!
If Martin really wants to make ammends for all this scandalous behaviour, call on your fearless leader Chretien to stand up and take the heat.
Of course that's asking too much. He and Ayleen are nicely snuggled into their 1.96 million dollar digs and won't come out to play with the sorded masses called Canadian Citizens.

"Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely".

P.S. Jack Layton came as close to reiterating the feelings of the general public......Cudo's Jack!

Monday, April 18, 2005

A Simple Plan to Eliminate Future Money Scandals

The following may be a a fairly simplified view of how to eliminate dishonesty in our Government but bear with me here and think about it. The concept would “fix” a lot of problems we now have with our political choices.

IF we eliminated the access that politicians have to our hard earned tax dollars would as many politicians apply for a job in Government? I think not. To have unlimited unfettered access to a never ending supply of cash is a very tempting reason for someone to give up their private life, morals and status quo to dip their little clammy fingers into the “public trough”!

Who can blame them?. Like a young child given the keys to a candy store, do you think the child has any boundaries when they are alone with tons of sweeties and nobody around to say: “NO!”

Here is the plan:

Form a PRIVATELY owned and run "Trust Fund" where every red cent we have to fork out in the form of a tax charge and that includes GST, gas taxes, land taxes, well, you get it. This Trust Fund could be managed by members of our private large Banks who we already trust with our savings and investments. Totally eliminate the Accounts Receivable, if one exists, in Revenue Canada, and only keep the Accounts Payable who would then answer directly to the Trust Fund management before any bills could be paid.

No monies would be released for contracts, personal expenses, salaries, overhead expenses, Welfare Payments, EI Premiums, OAS or any other requests for money without an invoice duly itemized and signed by the individual and department. Mmmmm?..........sounds just like a privately owned Canadian Company operating with a Controller overseeing the payment and a legitimate Accounts Payable Department that keeps a daily audited balance sheet. In addition to being exceedingly efficient, a Trust Fund privately operated by the public would be subject to the laws of the land and anyone operating outside the law would be confined to a prison sentence, not a public rebuke during question period.

A publicly run agency that handles our money in a manner that is efficient, controlled publicly and totally transparent. What’s wrong with that picture? One thing.

Any politician or potential politician who is not 100% honourable and honest about why he has entered politics, possible for the “good of the country” would never want to get into this business unless they had unlimited access to the so-called “public trough” of money. Not to have access means they have to be people of their word, promises kept and possibly a “servant” of the people like it was originally intended. To be called a “servant” is utterly beneath most on Parliament Hill……..they “look after US” , the poor unfortunate workers whose earnings are being at least halved every week with taxes that seem to fall into a black hole somewhere amongst the rabble calling themselves “our leaders”.

Enough ranting. Think about it.

Without unchecked access to our Tax Dollars how many people would remain as full time “politicians”? Very few indeed!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Note to Government: "Try Working For a Change"

ELECTION?.........Now we are hearing you folks in Ottawa are gearing up for an election! You haven't done anything yet since your last election except investigate thievery, sling mud at each others parties and attempt to manage damage this whole Sponsorship fiasco is causing.

We lowly taxpayer/citizens should be insulted at the very least to allow any more of this behaviour to endure. WE are paying your astronomical salaries with our hard earned dollars and you are doing NOTHING but trying to cover your asses and promote another election fever in this fine country. Not only is this scandal costing us millions to investigate on top of the millions that were stolen, but an election now will cost us another pile of MILLIONS of DOLLARS just to get the same bunch of "twits" back into the public trough of money!

If anyone reading this outside the Government wants to know how "crazy" these politicians really are, try watching 5 minutes of "Question Period" on the CPAC Channel. I know that's probably too much on a full stomach but make sure you have a garbage pail beside the couch while watching in case you feel the urge to throw up!

Screaming at each other in the third person is the leader's and speaker's responsibilty while the "seals" seated beside and behind the screamers bark wildly and shout over the speakers so that nobody knows who or what is being said. All the while four people at the front of the "House" jump up and down all dressed up like something out of a Dicken's Tale.

There is our tax dollars at work folks. Paying someone to "manage" our tax money who has neither the brains or the honesty to even care where each dollar came from. When anyone suggests that we "need" an election to avoid "seperation" by the BQ, the whole country panics and says "do what it takes, only please, please.....don't seperate!" Isn't that scare tactic the one used to justify the theft of millions of dollars in Quebec for the so-called "unity strategey" used by Chretien's group to have a bunch of guys literally "bribed" to keep Quebec in Canada?

Here is an idea: SEPERATE! there's the ticket! If the BQ wants to take Quebec out of Canada, go for it! Call their bluff! Go!....SEPERATE! Remember, not to take anything Canadian with you on the way out the door! Leave all monies, possesions paid for by the rest of Canada and leave. Stay exactly where you are geographically and we will just build the highways around you. Can you imagine the money that we would save if we didn't have to "bribe" the seperatists anymore to keep them quiet? Maybe no more thievery either? Giddyup!........Let's start the ball rolling. Don't start witholding Taxes which of course is illegal anyway but let's all just direct our taxes to the ones who really need them........US!

HIRE or, using the word "they" have substituted for this action....ELECT some politicians who support this brand new idea and have the guts to stand up to the political wing nuts who are trying to hold Canadians hostage by threatening "seperation". Of course finding any politician who is honest and not self serving will be very difficult.

In the meantime finish up the investigation of the parties who stole money from us, go on vacation for 3 or 4 months, don't call an election, maybe just shut up for a few months and keep your sticky little fingers out of our cookie jar and let the country merrily roll along the way it usually does when you "leaders" take off for whatever reason you take off. It's not because your overworked and that's for sure. If any of you had a real day job you'd probably end up in the hospital from fatigue.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

U.S. Lies and Downright Stupidity

Mad Cow Lies

So the U.S. stopped all shipments of Canadian Beef because of one BSE case in Alberta and has attempted to continue the embargo because they are so concerned about being "infected" by bad Canadian Beef. Of course now that they are covering up their own BSE scare that has been ongoing south of the border it pretty well highlights the FACT that the U.S. is not concerned about BSE in Canada but is actually concerned about some Northern ranchers may lose money by allowing Canadian beef back into the market. Thank You! Now we have the proof that lies have been the basis of this Boycott all along. A little truth goes a long way today. One thing Canada should do now that we know the Mad Cow Scare was used to enforce a false embargo is to build processing plants across Canada and once OUR beef is processed, refuse to sell it to the U.S.!

Killer Flu Exported Worldwide from the U.S.

The CDC has sent a 1967 version of the flu virus to many hundreds of labs worldwide which could conceivably kill many millions of people if it was ever accidently released. Canada discovered this flu virus and notified all the labs concerned to return this as soon as possible. How and why was this shipped?.......the big question is WHY?........ are the U.S. trying to create a pandemic worldwide? Maybe wars aren't killing people off fast enough! If Canada ever did that we would be treated like a pariah on the world's stage. But because the U.S. did this, nobody is even pointing a finger of blame or asking the sensitive questions that need to be asked. One answer that I can think of just off hand is just plain STUPIDITY! Lets hope there wasn't a more lethal plan.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Harper!......don’t even think about it………..

So here we go Canadians!.............the Liberals finally got caught with their hands in the “Cookie Jar”…………or as “we” would call it, our hard earned tax donations to our “needy” Government.

Regardless of how this whole Sponsorship Scandal plays out the Conservatives under the guidance of Stephen Harper really believes that this is the chance their party will raise their ugly heads as our new “spanky clean” Government! Don’t even think about it. You have changed your names, changed your players, changed your ideology but don’t let any of that crap fool you fellow Canadians, they are still a dead party that should never be heard from again.

Remember Brian Mulroney, Stephen?...........he killed you off. We voted you “good old boys” out of Government and pretty well told you guys never to come back. Of course you think we are a bunch of uneducated “mouth breathers” who don’t really know what is good for us so up up and away you go.

If you indeed shut down this minority Government and force Canada to call for another election which of course will cost us “stupid” taxpayers another 40 million dollars plus, we will turn on YOU again and vote you so far out of any semblance of Government that you won’t even have a name the next time we see you.

This does not in any way let the guilty Liberals who are up to their pits in shite off the proverbial “hook”. Martin is dealing with it as best he can short of calling Chretien the head of the whole scam and will no doubt have to eat a lot of “crow” before this is said and done.

Here is what will happen. Blame will be accepted carte blanche by Martin and team, then promise of paying the money back will take place through criminal charges and legislation. Many Liberals will be forced to resign in disgrace as part of the whole cleansing situation. Chretien will never be held responsible as he has perfected avoiding responsibility in anything that even appears negative. Canadians will finally say……….”whoo, I’m glad that’s over because now we can go on vacation and forget about being robbed”………..

So many “crocodile tears”, apologies, confessions and swearing of oaths that this will never happen again will make us all feel really Fuzzy and Warm for a change. What it should do is make us afraid……..”very afraid”………because where there is one theft of public funds there must be many others that will never ever be found out……….”once a thief always a thief”…….should be our rule of thumb here. How many dollars have actually been ripped off over the years?

As for the NDP who don’t even seem to be alive here, they have a great opportunity to sell themselves as THE party of choice right now……..after all why not give them a chance and see how they can screw this country………..after all we have allowed everyone else a stab at it. It would be a very simple “sell” right now Layton………….tell us something like:……..”the NDP will never steal any money from it’s citizens”……….”the NDP will eliminate the GST as a sign of lowering the outrageously high taxes we experience daily”……….”the NDP will invest money into the major cities infrastructures that are crumbling so they can attract more visitors, investment and run more productively”………..”the NDP will provide cheap homes for the unfortunates of this society so that everyone can have a decent “quality of life”………….the NDP will repair our Health Care and Education systems that have been nearly destroyed by Chretien and Harris in their reign of terror………

That was easy eh?...........try that out………….you don’t need to draft out millions of dollars worth of policy papers, books, ads, commercials………….just say the above once to all of us and see what happens………….

Tell us you will be HONEST and live up to that promise.

That’s all we ask!

One last thought, not that it means much but has anyone noticed that 90% of the last names involved in this criminal activity called the Sponsorship Scandal are French? Hmmmm?.......maybe something to think about when and if a new election is called?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stop Screwing Your Citizens!


These words are aimed at our politicians. Five things that they should be doing with their mandates that we handed them during the last elections.

INVEST in our Health Care System by bringing back all the nurses and staff that have been laid off or lost during the Chretien/Harris regime of terror. Nice time to cut back on Health Care, just as over half of our population starts to get ill from too many years of labour and old age. Labouring to pay taxes so all the fat cats in Ottawa and Queens Park can muck into the public trough at will. Before any more money goes out of our country to “help the tsunami victims or other countries helpless, hungry, homeless, disenfranchised or whatever bleeding heart phrase you would want to use, how about giving our own homeless a place to sleep, wash and eat? Over 10,000 in Toronto alone? Of course the public is taking care of those with food banks, sleeping bags and shelters. How genuine of the Government to keep allowing the public to look after one of their first responsibilities. Shame on you! Build more mental hospitals for the mentally unbalanced folks and low cost housing in undeveloped land outside the city core for the poor folks who are just down on their luck.

INVEST in our School and Universities so that our children can afford to achieve an education that fits today’s needs. Allow students who can’t afford a University or College education to apply for aid that is forgivable so that they aren’t bankrupt the day they graduate! By churning out a never ending supply of uneducated youth of course gives the Government a never ending supply of slaves for their wishes and wims to work, if they are lucky at demeaning labour intensive jobs that pay less than people made in the 70’s and 80’s. All the while taxes increasing by 100 fold so the corporate managers and CEO’s of the politically correct corporations can achieve million dollar plus incomes per year while supporting the politicians that prop these losers up.

Of course an uneducated population is very easy to control……beware the educated, they demand the truth!

MANAGE our Natural Resources in a responsible way, which is possibly too late seeing that you have pretty well sold most of it off to outside interests. We have just become the warehouse of supply for our southern neighbour and is evident we can’t do anything about that as we are a weak, ill equipped country with a small population and small minded politicians. Don’t we have huge supplies of fresh water, trees, livestock, minerals and the most important commodity at present……OIL? We actually have the worlds largest oil reserves albeit not the easiest to extract but still available in our Tar Sands. What happens when we ask for a fair price for our lumber, beef or anything else we try to trade at fair market value?.........Bang! a U.S. trade tariff on the item! other words, “if you Canucks don’t give us those products at below your cost price then we will seal off your borders and starve your ass out”…………

Here’s a thought……….why can’t you make these products available to your own citizens at a fair price so we can enjoy the fruits of our own labour. What a concept! lumber to build our homes, really quality beef to eat at a low price so we can enjoy a hearty meal instead of a Hamburger Helper theme. What about shipping some of that refined oil from Alberta to Ontario so we can afford to put gas in our cars and go to work so we can earn more money to pay more taxes so the fat cats can get fatter! Maybe even allow us to go on a holiday without having to mortgage a kidney for the gas price.

PROMOTE Canada to the rest of the world as a place to invest and travel to because we are as yet civilized, clean, underdeveloped and in need of a new “image” not only for ourselves but the world at large. Canadians like nothing better then to see ourselves fail at whatever we do and this attitude begins right at the top and filters down to the masses. “We fail beautifully” and in fact look forward to losing at nearly everything we do so that we can feel like martyrs. This attitude has to change before we can achieve independence and freedom from multi national corporations that use our land as a never ending supply house for raw materials. What’s wrong with Canadians owning Canada? Our hydro, oil, gas and practically every other main raw material is outright owned by a foreign company other than Canadian. Oh, but that smacks of being politically incorrect!.......Now we wouldn’t want to say anything that may offend a foreign country now. Bullshit!........shout loud and clear that this country is ours and we love it and we OWN IT!

REGULATE the actions of people in power both at the Government level and corporate level. Treat these people the same way the private sector regulates employees. If you don’t show up for work, your FIRED. If you don’t work hard enough, your FIRED!. If you don’t do what the job is asking for, your FIRED! If you steal, lie or cheat while on the job you are not only FIRED but possibly put in JAIL! That doesn’t seem to apply to the thieves and cheats in our Government and at the corporate levels of companies aligned with our Government. What is good for the people should be good for the Government. When people lose respect in their leaders the country is in serious trouble. Canadians have to wake up and demand some accountability from the people we have elected or we should all just “Shut Up and go back to sleep and pay the Piper!”

One last message to you 10% that hold 90% of our country’s wealth