Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ban Temporary and Part Time Employment Agencies

Here is a sure way to create more jobs and give Canadians their job security back................BAN PLACEMENT AGENCIES!

Thanks to Harris and his "open for business B.S." over the past ten years for creating a society of partime and contract workers. In the name of "progressive job action" this vile creature eliminated safe and secure job futures along with other leaders from other provinces. By creating a part time work force employers were allowed to hire workers on a full time basis and reclassify them all as part time or contract workers and then were exempt from having to pay benefits such as E.I. deductions, Drug Plans, Health Plans or anything else that may cut into their profits. Alsoworkers can no lomger ask for raises or benefits in dire fear of being fired with no recrimination.

Temp Employment Agencies also take an hourly percentage of peoples' pay cheques for "handling" their "clients". In other words if an agency places you and you are being paid $12.00./hr. the agency could be paid directly an additional 5 to 10 dollars an hour which actually should go to the worker for work performed.

How have we allowed this to happen without an outrageous backlash from Canadians? Now there's a question that needs an answer.

Here are some brutal results from this practice of offering up nothing but part time and contract work. At the higher educaton levels of University Graduates only 1 in 10 students will ever land a full time job with chances for advancement and prosperity. 9 out of 10 will find themselves working for low wages with no chance for advancement let alone any coverage of benefits or profit sharing plans. In other words after 4 or five years of pay as you go education and ending up graduation owing over $40,000 which must be repaid immediately, a student faces a job prospect that demeans and forces them to stay well below poverty levels that one would expect never to experience.

Wait until you have to go to a bank and ask for a loan! The first question asked is "do you have full time employment?" If not, forget about a bank loan to purhase a condo, car or even money to pay off the original student loan. Nice future eh?.

With all the layoffs due to outsourcing and plant closures the true reality sets in for these workers who have had the safety cushion of a union job or full time employment in a well established Canadian firm. Hit the bricks and very quickly you will be forced to sign up with a placement agency and HOPE they can find you suitable employment. No more being resourceful and full of hope each day as you can't get an interview with any company. They use Placement Agencies to screen potential employees and there is no alternative.

If our so called "caring" politicians want to appeal to Canadians and do something positive for a change to make this country a better place to live and grow they should "BAN PART TIME and CONTRACT" positions that are really full time jobs as we used to know them!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Candidates offer up another Load of Lies

Attention Fellow Canadians!...........I haven't offered up a blog since April22/05 when I blasted the politicians that are troughing it up at our expense when they were threatening to bring the Government down. How timely in December I can now add my next blog without even missing a breath!

A Federal Election has been called because Layton and Harper want to have more power and access to Public money after being in the Hallowed Halls of Free Money for the past year and now have seen just how much power matters when it comes to commanding the Public Purse.

First of all Jack! have never ever had as much influence over how Canada should be run up until this point in time so why on earth would you commit political suicide by forcing an election all in the name of "for Canadian's own good!"?.........we put you in there as a minority Government.......don't you understand what we told you the last time?...........we don't trust ANY of you so we put in safe guards so none of you can steal from us anymore!

And you Stephen!.......we all know you are just a power hungry greedy nutso Western Redneck who wants to take us all back to a Born Again Righteous Prairie Moralistic Society.............maybe walk down down the streets of Toronto and ask the regular folks what they want from a leader?.........but then you might have to talk to a homeless person or a person standing in front of the local Food Bank waiting for their weekly snacks so they can keep their strength up and go to work for minimum wage at a local restaurant after hours scrubbing the floors!

I'm not even going to address Paul............he is where we want him........right in the front row of Parliament surrounded by two other parties keeping a dead eye on every move he makes and questioning every cent being spent by his committees.

I've got a suggestion for all three of you Bozos which of course you won't take but whoever does this will win the election with a majority and will save millions on campaigning and travel expenses let alone having to tell hundreds of lies (promises) in order to get more power:


Now there's the ticket...........just say that once, go home, buy a big fat turkey, and settle down for a long winters nap until the election day.

Of course that would be too easy eh? for all you political whackos out there....thanks for the holidays, thanks for the election which nobody gives a "Fiddlers F$#k" about and thanks for dinging us another $400 million for the opportunity to say: We want a Minority Government again!

The Sponsorship Scandal was only $250 million?..........sounds like a steal compared with a Federal Election.............

"Merry F'n Christmas you bunch of losers!"